Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of the Year Review (November)

11/1 CSz rehearsal (show this week!), got jerseys & our photos are up on the site! 

11/4 The Cheap Seats “Vote”, Julie & I went to Mexican Post.

11/5 My 36th Birthday
I got sneakers, Doc Martins, A digital camera, a tripod, CSz pants and jeans.  
Worked house 2 for CSz then performed in my 1st show with Sue. Julie, Amy, Emily, Jim, Alex, Cara, Rick, Joel, Gordon, Tare and Paul came to the show.

11/6 Brunch w/ Peter & Emily @ Lucky's.   Julie finished the coolest Photo Album EVER!.
We went to Mom & Dad’s.
My niece is going to be such a trouble maker.  I adore her!

11/7 Left work at 4pm and went to The Fire w/ Jason & Matt to see MC Frontalot.  Met Jim at El Camino afterwards like a bunch of “Hipsters.”

11/9 Talked to Erick & Jim about E Pluribus HaHa (est 11/5/11).  Scott Brown ad.

11/10 Julie & I went to Mexican Post for dinner, I went to McCabe’s to film for Flackcheck (Scott Brown), we went to Iron Hill and I ran into Gina (CSz)

11/11 Cheap Seats “Coin Toss” I went to Molly Maguire’s with Jason & Rebar (Brendan, Amy, Nick & Nikki there too), saw Warriors @ The Colonial 9:45pm

Thug Life!!!

11/12 Weird day, went to Mr. Burns funeral in morning and Heather’s Wedding in the evening.

11/13 Filmed Beauty Queen of Leenane (CSP) with Julie.  Went to Home Grown with Julie, Kerry and Mom & Snow. 
I know those feekin' birds!

11/14 Had Clink Meeting with Joel & Brendan then saw Jack & Jill with Joel.  HORRIBLE!

11/16 While driving to see Cara’s Storyteller, I got a call from Brandon asking me to perform in his place with The Ones Your Mom Warned You About @ Polygon.  I DID!  
Julie came afterwards with Cara.

 11/18 TCS (Beer Pour), went to CSz (Mark/Dan 1st show), & I worked sound for Shakespeare.  Also known as the night of the Potato Chips

11/19 went to Mom & Dad's to hang with Mason, we went to Game Stop & got a game, ate pizza.  I took Rob to Roller Derby then we went to The Square Bar & Jitters with the girls & Ben Smith.

11/20 Met Jill @ 11:45am, drove to Annapolis to see Anthony in Lost in Yonkers (Surprise).

11/21 Pool with Matt at Drexeline. 

11/23 Early dismissal, Julie & I went to the Mexican Post with Peter & Emily.  Went to the Muppets with Davises & Eddie.  Ducks were won.

11/24 Went to Snows for Thanksgiving, I went to Mom & Dad's without Julie.  

11/26 I put up X-mas lites, performed CSz Blue with Dan.  Julie, Mom & Dad Snow and friends came.  Also Bonnie, Kevin, Jill & Anthony were there, we went to Continental afterwards.
Joey Sabs took this photo.  It took us MANY tries.

11/27 Julie & I went to Lucky’s with Emily & Peter, Julie costumed with Kerry, I took a dress down to OD, met Joe at Washington St.

Somewhere there's a photo of the dress.  Damned if I know where.

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