Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Vote for Cookies!

Will it be "4 more cookies!" or "A New Cook in the Kitchen" in November.

Here's a blog I wrote 4 years ago about cookies & the Election.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Police - STING!

Is there nothing Sting can’t do? 

Nobody is going to be trafficking Roxanne for sex…except Roxanne herself…(get it?  She’s a whore!)

Friday, June 8, 2012

I wanted to write a blog about my vacation to Aruba…but I don’t want to make you jealous…and more importantly, I don’t have access to my photos at the moment (to help NOT make you jealous).

I also wanted like to write about all of the commitments I have at the moment.  Unfortunately, many of them are not public knowledge and it would sound like I am whining when in accuality, I would be trying to boast about how important I am.

So instead, I’ll tell you a quick little story:

About 2 weeks ago, right before I left for Aruba, my iPod died.  I have terrible luck with these damn things (read the tale of my previous dead iPod HERE - what are the odds?  And on the day AIDS was cured!)

Julie gave me her iPod and told me to go ahead and wipe it clean allowing me to load my music on.  What a sweetheart!  So I totally did it!  But I kept some of her music too.  Which is how I up driving down the road blasting The Muppets theme song followed by "Girlfriend in a Coma." 

I have just hit shuffle and these are the first 20 songs that played…

1-Joseph Smith American Moses from The Book of Mormon.  Speaking of AIDS!

2-Cigarette by Ben Folds Five.  There is always a good chance a BF5 song will play when my iPod is on shuffle as most of my iPod is Ben Folds.

3-Missing Piece by The Forces of Evil.  This is a side project from 3 of the current members of Reel Big Fish.  Basically it’s Reel Big Fish, but Aaron Barrett gets to say “fuck” a lot more!  He feared RBF was breaking up and started this band.  RBF is playing in Lancaster this month.

4-Scott’s a Dork (Skacoustic version) by Reel Big Fish.  What are the odds right?  This song is about Scott Klopfenstein, the former trumpet player for the band (I know, I can’t believe he’s not in RBF anymore either).

5-The Real Me by The Who.  Quadrophenia bitches!

6-Bulletproof by La Roux.  Honestly I don’t think this is one of either Julie or mine.  Maybe it came with the iPod?

7-The Sunnyside of the Streets by The Pogues.  Irish.  

8-Dig My Grave by They Might Be Giants.  I remember when Erick bought Apollo 18 from Wee Three Records.  We listened to the shit out of that album.

9-(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding by Elvis Costello.  There really is not a bad Elvis Costello song. 

10-Mrs Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel.  The greatest incomplete song ever written.  I love that the first half of the song is “missing.”  

11-Country Girl from The Ultimate Pickin' On Neil Young: The Fiddle & The Damage Done - A Bluegrass Tribute.  I have a bunch of these!  Not just of Neil Young either...

12-Badd by Richard Cheese.  Cover of the Ying Yang twins tune.  You should all own at least 1 Richard Cheese album.

13-Richard by Frank Mackey & The Keltic Cowboys.  More Irish (see song #7)

14-Violent School by The Dead Milkmen.  I dated a girl in high school that turned my on to The Dead Milkmen.  I have been to at least 3 of their “last” shows.  This song is from 1985, yet it’s message sounds like it was meant for today…guess things haven’t gotten better in the world in 25 years.

15-Magic by Ben Folds.  Told ya (see song #2)

16-Brown Eye Girl (Live) by Van Morrison.  The quintessential summer song.

17-Daydream by the Wallace Collection.  This song has been sampled by multiple rap groups.  I don’t find sampling to be an “unoriginal” artform, but when multiple groups sample the same song…

*There’s no reason you should know this song.

18-C’est la Mort by The Civil Wars.  Translated “that’s death.”  But such a beautiful song…about death.

19-Tommy Overture by The Who.  Very difficult to listen to this song and not then decide to listen to the rest of the album.  But alas I have 1 more song until I can take my iPod (Julie’s) off shuffle.

20-That’ll be the Day by Buddy Holly.  Oh Charles Hardin Holley.  You fucking rock!


Kind of an eclectic mix…though my music clearly dominates Julie’s...maybe I did erase it all.



As I finish writting this blog Christian Brothers by Elliott Smith comes on.  Julie's music is alive and well...even if the people playing it aren't.