Wednesday, April 26, 2017

10 Caan Shirts, 1 Is A Lie

This craze is apparently setting Facebook on fire over the past 3 days.

Here's a list of 10 Caan Shirt photos...although, one is a lie (as he's not wearing a shirt). See if you can figure out which one.












Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Something Fishy

Have I ever told you the story of when my Dad took, me, Brian, and Erick fishing in Ocean City, NJ as kids?

No? it is (in podcast form!):

Monday, April 3, 2017

Elvis (Costello), And...

We kicked off our 3rd season of the "Elvis, And" podcast this weekend. By doing an episode that WASN'T about Elvis Presley at all!

When Brendan Carr and I started doing this podcast two years ago, we joked about how funny it would be to do an episode on Elvis Costello. I mean, there's nothing in the title that says "THIS IS ABOUT ELVIS PRESLEY!" I mean, how could there be and us not get sued?

So this past Saturday (4/1/2017 - April Fools Day), we aired an episode we recorded only a few weeks ago called "Elvis, And Saturday Night Live." Since Elvis Presley never appeared on SNL, it was clearly a story inspired by his namesake...the artist formerly known as Declan Patrick MacManus.

I knew about Elvis Costello and the Attraction's appearance when, much to the displeasure of Lorne Michaels, they decided to play a different song than they'd rehearsed. A different song than what was agreed upon by the show, network, and record label. A different song than what had been timed out to the second for the live broadcast. But I didn't know ANY of the details that surrounded that incident.

Such as, Costello was NEVER supposed to play!

Apparently The Sex Pistols were booked and ready to go, but someone forgot to acquire the proper paperwork to come to America. That someone was "band manager" Malcolm McLauren. Had he done the leg work needed to bring the Pistols oversees, we might never have had the rock star that is Elvis Costello. And we certainly wouldn't have had a podcast episode this weekend.

Also, to make matters worse for SNL producers, they had held a contest to find a "non famous" host for the show. This was the night it was scheduled to happen. 86 year old Miskel Spillman won the contest, and was ready to become a household name. Perhaps if, like Declan MacManus, she'd changed it to something more palatable, we'd all talk about her today. But as it stands, I had never heard of her OR the contest until Brendan read the monologue for this episode. I'm not an authority on Saturday Night Live, but I'd consider myself WAAAAY beyond a casual fan. So...

And finally...well, that's it. I only had two things, but I wanted to trick you into me following the rule of three.

This episode allowed us to do some CRAZY things we'd otherwise have never been able to do, such as go to CBGBs, hang out with Hilly Kristal, and give Debbie Harry head.

It was also a teen aged boy's dream, come true to be Malcolm McLauren for a scene. God, I love improv!

So, if you'd be oh so kind as to give this episode a listen, I think you'd learn something...about Elvis, Costello, about Saturday Night Live, and about how warped Brendan Carr, Matt Casarino, Lew Indellini, Jill Knapp, and I am.

Also, there might be a Don Pardo impression or two in here...