Friday, July 31, 2015

Elvis, And The Colonel


If you've been listening to the Elvis, And (you haven't, I track the numbers), this one is slightly different. Elvis himself doesn't show up until 20+ minutes into it. That's a first for us!

Instead we track the rise of, soon to be Elvis manager, Col. Tom Parker. Parker was a colorful character, who as Brendan points out in the opening monologue, may have killed a man (like Ty Cobb...only Cobb DEFINITELY killed a man!)

Parker manipulated Elvis (not unlike the rest of E's "hangers on") but the difference was his "friends" didn't want to suck him dry, while The Colonel did just that! It's a widely held belief among Elvisphiles that the Colonel was a contributing factor to putting Elvis in an early grave (well, and the drugs).

We don't go nearly this dark in the episode, but if you've got the time, give it a listen.
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