Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of the Year Review (November)

11/1 CSz rehearsal (show this week!), got jerseys & our photos are up on the site! 

11/4 The Cheap Seats “Vote”, Julie & I went to Mexican Post.

11/5 My 36th Birthday
I got sneakers, Doc Martins, A digital camera, a tripod, CSz pants and jeans.  
Worked house 2 for CSz then performed in my 1st show with Sue. Julie, Amy, Emily, Jim, Alex, Cara, Rick, Joel, Gordon, Tare and Paul came to the show.

11/6 Brunch w/ Peter & Emily @ Lucky's.   Julie finished the coolest Photo Album EVER!.
We went to Mom & Dad’s.
My niece is going to be such a trouble maker.  I adore her!

11/7 Left work at 4pm and went to The Fire w/ Jason & Matt to see MC Frontalot.  Met Jim at El Camino afterwards like a bunch of “Hipsters.”

11/9 Talked to Erick & Jim about E Pluribus HaHa (est 11/5/11).  Scott Brown ad.

11/10 Julie & I went to Mexican Post for dinner, I went to McCabe’s to film for Flackcheck (Scott Brown), we went to Iron Hill and I ran into Gina (CSz)

11/11 Cheap Seats “Coin Toss” I went to Molly Maguire’s with Jason & Rebar (Brendan, Amy, Nick & Nikki there too), saw Warriors @ The Colonial 9:45pm

Thug Life!!!

11/12 Weird day, went to Mr. Burns funeral in morning and Heather’s Wedding in the evening.

11/13 Filmed Beauty Queen of Leenane (CSP) with Julie.  Went to Home Grown with Julie, Kerry and Mom & Snow. 
I know those feekin' birds!

11/14 Had Clink Meeting with Joel & Brendan then saw Jack & Jill with Joel.  HORRIBLE!

11/16 While driving to see Cara’s Storyteller, I got a call from Brandon asking me to perform in his place with The Ones Your Mom Warned You About @ Polygon.  I DID!  
Julie came afterwards with Cara.

 11/18 TCS (Beer Pour), went to CSz (Mark/Dan 1st show), & I worked sound for Shakespeare.  Also known as the night of the Potato Chips

11/19 went to Mom & Dad's to hang with Mason, we went to Game Stop & got a game, ate pizza.  I took Rob to Roller Derby then we went to The Square Bar & Jitters with the girls & Ben Smith.

11/20 Met Jill @ 11:45am, drove to Annapolis to see Anthony in Lost in Yonkers (Surprise).

11/21 Pool with Matt at Drexeline. 

11/23 Early dismissal, Julie & I went to the Mexican Post with Peter & Emily.  Went to the Muppets with Davises & Eddie.  Ducks were won.

11/24 Went to Snows for Thanksgiving, I went to Mom & Dad's without Julie.  

11/26 I put up X-mas lites, performed CSz Blue with Dan.  Julie, Mom & Dad Snow and friends came.  Also Bonnie, Kevin, Jill & Anthony were there, we went to Continental afterwards.
Joey Sabs took this photo.  It took us MANY tries.

11/27 Julie & I went to Lucky’s with Emily & Peter, Julie costumed with Kerry, I took a dress down to OD, met Joe at Washington St.

Somewhere there's a photo of the dress.  Damned if I know where.

Friday, December 30, 2011

End of the Year Review (October)

10/2 Filmed The Clink “wedding” (Lauren bride), Phillies lost game 2 of the NLDS
A little Hollywood trickery to make the dress fit.

10/3 Clink Season 2 premiered:  “Debergeracing.”

 10/4 Phils win game 3 of NLDS (close one), went bowling with Julie & Peter.  Played 3 games and won 2 duckies (that's the real reason we bowl)

10/7 Julie worked Box Office at PHIF and I filmed.  The Phillies lost 1-0. Series OVER!

10/8 Work shop with Tara-awesome! Filmed PHIF, went to Bonners.
This photo was outside the work shop.  
Why is that guy swimming if the pool is closed?

10/11 Dirtiest Sketch in Philly 2011 (Feeko Brothers won with their Mad Men/spit drinking).  Went with  Berger, Sean & Mike.
2011 wasn't online, so here's 2010's much talked about winner.

10/13 Julie & I saw Louis CK with Ron & Dorinda, went to Nomad.
It's like we're ghosts

10/18 Drove to Springfield, NJ for work.  Performed in Adrift with Alex, Bert, Corin, Dennis, Emily, Kristen, Matt & Matt Lydon!

10/20 Rehearsal dinner for Dan & Christine @ Generations

10/21 Cut Kerryoke slideshow, saw Hot Breakfast @ WCL with Joe & Kerry, Dan & Christine’s Wedding

 10/24 Last rookie rehearsal for CSz.

 10/25 Full CSZ rehearsal. 

10/28 Cardinals won The World Series, went to Blue Show (sat with Todd & Jason) & went to Gross Show

10/29 J Chiropractor, It SNOWED!  Kerry’s Halloween Party.
The AIDS Doctor gives Boba Fett his results.  Yep.  It's AIDS.

10/31 Went to Phoenixville and took Mason out with Mom & Val, gave candy out with Chris for Halloween, including trash I had in my pocket to some "shitty" teenagers.

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  0 movies.
-Improv seen:  ALL the acts in PHIF, The Blue Show, CSz & The Gross Show
* Cheap Seats on 
**Started Reading Game of Thrones

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Things To Do List

I'll take a quick break from looking backwards to looking forward with my 2012 "resolutions."

Last week I started working on some things I'd like to do in 2012. Yesterday I put this up on my Facebook:

Looking for things to do in 2012. Suggestions? And let's try and remember, I'm a supreme pussy, so jumping out of an airplane likely won't make this list.

I had to specify this, as my friend Rory jumps out of planes for a living. He's a skydiving instructor and I knew what he'd recommend (which he did even with my warning).

Some other helpful suggestions include:

-Get those DVDs alphabetized.
As if they aren't already!

-Masturbate in a courtroom bathroom if you get selected for Jury Duty.
Very specific!

-Pee standing up
I need stuff that I may actually follow through with.

-Try the McRib

-Make a Baby.
Well, I promise to at least try!

I thank everyone for their suggestions.
Here is my list that I'll likely ignore until early November 2012:

1. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I read the Fellowship before, which is why I'll be naming my first boy Tom Bombadil. I'd like to read ALL three back to back to back.  Not sure if I'll be reading the Hobbit as well.  Not because I don't want to, but Julie yelled at me in the past for talking about "Hobbit Holes" in public.

2. Read Sherlock Holmes Books.  Not all of them, just some.  I don't believe I have EVER read a Sherlock Holmes book.  Any suggestions on this one?  Also, I'll likely take up smoking a pipe and having a Doctor hang out with me who can be my partner/man servant.  Any volunteers? 
3. Shoot new web series.  That's all I can say about this at the moment.  I have a series I am SLOWLY working on, and would like to do this year.  I figure if I state it vaguely here, I can do any old piece of shit and tell people, "Yep, that was it."  

4. Write & shoot an original short film.  I had actually changed this from 2 shorts, but I don't want to bury myself before I even roll the calendar over.  I have a loose idea.  Pretty much the opening shot.  Yes Jim Burns, it's the same opening shot I have been talking about for the past 5 years.  This year I expect to actually do it.  Anyone have a tuxedo I can borrow?

5.  Write a feature length script.  I have a few I have written, but doing the web series stuff has gotten me out of thinking about a LONG story arc.  I have this idea I really want to write and would ultimately love to shoot - one thing at a time though.

6.  Write 3 one-act plays.  I need to be ready for when Michael Gray comes calling.

7. Shoot 3 sketches.  WAY before I fell in love with Improv, I used to do sketch comedy.  I miss it.  

8. Learn to play guitar.  Not like professionally or anything, but I always have this dream of playing Auld Lang Syne at New Year's Eve, in between telling ever timely Dick Clark stroke jokes.  I would like to take lessons and maybe write a parody song or two.

9. Learn to drive manual without telling Emmanuel Lewis jokes the whole time. Julie said she'd teach me. I think she tells Gary Coleman jokes, which is rude cause he's dead.

10. Secret Project. I can't talk about this yet. Some things still being worked out. But I am probably the most excited for this...unless I get called into Jury Duty, then this is what I'll be second most excited for!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of the Year Review (September)

9/1 STAY-cation #4, went to Arnold’s with Julie, Kerry and Joe.  Played on Go Karts, Arcade and Laser tag just to name a few.  Ate dinner at Mas (rooftop) in West Chester. 

9/2 STAY-cation #5, Jimmy and Petra came over at 8:15am, went to Rehoboth with Julie.  Met Kerry and Joe on the beach, then went on boat with Karen and Elaine.  Ate dinner at Planet X and had drinks at Cypress.

9/3 STAY-cation #6, Julie and I went to hospital to meet Olivia Jane Snow, we were the 1st ones there! The Cheap Seats SNEAK PREVIEWED.  Went to Fringe with Julie to see 24 and saw Comedy Sportz @10pm

9/4 STAY-cation #7, had brunch with Peter and Emily at Lucky’s.  I don’t remember the rest of the day.  MUST HAVE BEEN AWESOME!

9/5 OFF Labor Day (STAY-cation #8?).  Saw The Help with Julie. Then went to Comedy Sportz rehearsal where I might have seen Sean pee behind a dumpster (your secret is safe with me Sean – hence the “might”).

 9/7 Julie drove us to Philly for dinner at Milah (SO GOOD!), saw Friends of Alcatraz (HOLY SHIT!) ate and got a bunch of Gelato.

9/8 Flooding caused Julie and I to get to work LATE.  I saw Rosen and Milkshake, Jessica Tandy and The Ones Your Mom Warned You about at O’Neal’s (Polygon).  Hung with Brandon and Dan afterwards.

9/9 Got CJ fixed.  Last level 2 rehearsal on roof of Diane's apartment building, I ate at Subway in an A Plus gas station (CLASSY), Saw Toy Solders and N Crowd.

 9/10 Andy hosted Level 2 show, saw 24 with Jason.  Worked house 2 for Comedy Sportz, met Kevin Allison w/ Emily, went home Julie had painted the Living Room!
Meeting Kevin Allison!

Meeting The Hopper Brothers!  (They loved me!)

9/13 Filmed Zacherle, which ran late, I had to BOOK ass to Tabu for James Bradford is Thick.  Hung out with Rick at Bonners and talked about “Green Christmas.”

9/14  Joel and Sabrina’s Josie was born!

9/16 New episode of The Cheap Seats (wave), filmed Polygon:  Beirdo, Medic! Grimacchio with Andrew and Julie, saw Pro Mania with Andrew (Julie fell asleep), got home at 3 AMish after hanging out.  Tried to get camera from Joel.

Five Non Blondes.

9/17 Picked up camera from Joel at 5:30 am, filmed The Clink Visitor.  Pete came over and fixed Dryer, went to Chris’ Bachelor w/ Brian, filmed Alcatraz and Iron Lung (no tape), went to Bonners with for end of Fringe Festival.

9/18 Woke up LATE, went to Bertucci’s with Julie, Peter and Emily, went to Joel’s for Birthday Party.

There are better photo bombed pics somewhere. 

9/19 Comedy Sports  rehearsal (measured for Jersey’s and Photos).  Did 5 things with Ali and Don, I got them all!  (In like 30 minutes)
9/20 Julie made dinner, watched Phillies (turned down game with Meredith, Ricky & Luke), went to see Drive at UA with Matt Nafe.

Drive (Trailer)

9/22 Val’s wedding rehearsal at the Old Mill and dinner at Avalon in WC.  Ran into Rosalie Umile.  The staff was great with Julie (got her a vegan meal).  Highlight of the night, when Mason walked into the kitchen for a water...and got one!
Beautiful Night!

9/23 The Cheap Seats (mustard), We all went to Erick’s to get ready for Valerie;s Wedding, pictures in rain at Tyler, it poured for Val and Chris' wedding.  Lots of booze!  Best line of the night, Mason told the photographer to stop taking his photo, "You want me to call 911?"

9/24 Went to Mom and Dad’s with Wedding Cake, helped Dad at Old Mill, photos for Santaland w/ Andrew (along with Julie), MP with Julie, Emily and Peter then saw Moneyball.

9/25 Julie and I went to PJ breakfast at Buckley’s with Em and Peter.  

NO PJ Photos available.

9/28 Phillies win 102!

9/29 Re Filmed 2nd Act of 12th Night while Julie went to Kreskin at Candle Light with The Snows.  The Cheap Seats (Binoculars).

9/30 Dropped off bucket with Dan Eastman for the Gross show, met Joe, Tom, Rick and Claire for Polygon Meeting, filmed Blue Show at 10pm and hung at O’Neal's afterwards.
Can you see my bucket?!?

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  Drive & Moneyball
-Improv seen:  24 (2), Berido, The Blue Show, Comedy Sportz (2), Friends of Alcatraz (2), Grimacchio, Iron Lung, Jessica Tandy, Medic, The N Crowd, The Ones Your Mom Warned You About, Pro-Mania, Rosen & Milkshake, Toy Soldiers

-Fringe Shows (none Improv):  Darryl Charles Impromptu stand up, Zacherlie & James Bradford is Thick