Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of the Year Review (September)

9/1 STAY-cation #4, went to Arnold’s with Julie, Kerry and Joe.  Played on Go Karts, Arcade and Laser tag just to name a few.  Ate dinner at Mas (rooftop) in West Chester. 

9/2 STAY-cation #5, Jimmy and Petra came over at 8:15am, went to Rehoboth with Julie.  Met Kerry and Joe on the beach, then went on boat with Karen and Elaine.  Ate dinner at Planet X and had drinks at Cypress.

9/3 STAY-cation #6, Julie and I went to hospital to meet Olivia Jane Snow, we were the 1st ones there! The Cheap Seats SNEAK PREVIEWED.  Went to Fringe with Julie to see 24 and saw Comedy Sportz @10pm

9/4 STAY-cation #7, had brunch with Peter and Emily at Lucky’s.  I don’t remember the rest of the day.  MUST HAVE BEEN AWESOME!

9/5 OFF Labor Day (STAY-cation #8?).  Saw The Help with Julie. Then went to Comedy Sportz rehearsal where I might have seen Sean pee behind a dumpster (your secret is safe with me Sean – hence the “might”).

 9/7 Julie drove us to Philly for dinner at Milah (SO GOOD!), saw Friends of Alcatraz (HOLY SHIT!) ate and got a bunch of Gelato.

9/8 Flooding caused Julie and I to get to work LATE.  I saw Rosen and Milkshake, Jessica Tandy and The Ones Your Mom Warned You about at O’Neal’s (Polygon).  Hung with Brandon and Dan afterwards.

9/9 Got CJ fixed.  Last level 2 rehearsal on roof of Diane's apartment building, I ate at Subway in an A Plus gas station (CLASSY), Saw Toy Solders and N Crowd.

 9/10 Andy hosted Level 2 show, saw 24 with Jason.  Worked house 2 for Comedy Sportz, met Kevin Allison w/ Emily, went home Julie had painted the Living Room!
Meeting Kevin Allison!

Meeting The Hopper Brothers!  (They loved me!)

9/13 Filmed Zacherle, which ran late, I had to BOOK ass to Tabu for James Bradford is Thick.  Hung out with Rick at Bonners and talked about “Green Christmas.”

9/14  Joel and Sabrina’s Josie was born!

9/16 New episode of The Cheap Seats (wave), filmed Polygon:  Beirdo, Medic! Grimacchio with Andrew and Julie, saw Pro Mania with Andrew (Julie fell asleep), got home at 3 AMish after hanging out.  Tried to get camera from Joel.

Five Non Blondes.

9/17 Picked up camera from Joel at 5:30 am, filmed The Clink Visitor.  Pete came over and fixed Dryer, went to Chris’ Bachelor w/ Brian, filmed Alcatraz and Iron Lung (no tape), went to Bonners with for end of Fringe Festival.

9/18 Woke up LATE, went to Bertucci’s with Julie, Peter and Emily, went to Joel’s for Birthday Party.

There are better photo bombed pics somewhere. 

9/19 Comedy Sports  rehearsal (measured for Jersey’s and Photos).  Did 5 things with Ali and Don, I got them all!  (In like 30 minutes)
9/20 Julie made dinner, watched Phillies (turned down game with Meredith, Ricky & Luke), went to see Drive at UA with Matt Nafe.

Drive (Trailer)

9/22 Val’s wedding rehearsal at the Old Mill and dinner at Avalon in WC.  Ran into Rosalie Umile.  The staff was great with Julie (got her a vegan meal).  Highlight of the night, when Mason walked into the kitchen for a water...and got one!
Beautiful Night!

9/23 The Cheap Seats (mustard), We all went to Erick’s to get ready for Valerie;s Wedding, pictures in rain at Tyler, it poured for Val and Chris' wedding.  Lots of booze!  Best line of the night, Mason told the photographer to stop taking his photo, "You want me to call 911?"

9/24 Went to Mom and Dad’s with Wedding Cake, helped Dad at Old Mill, photos for Santaland w/ Andrew (along with Julie), MP with Julie, Emily and Peter then saw Moneyball.

9/25 Julie and I went to PJ breakfast at Buckley’s with Em and Peter.  

NO PJ Photos available.

9/28 Phillies win 102!

9/29 Re Filmed 2nd Act of 12th Night while Julie went to Kreskin at Candle Light with The Snows.  The Cheap Seats (Binoculars).

9/30 Dropped off bucket with Dan Eastman for the Gross show, met Joe, Tom, Rick and Claire for Polygon Meeting, filmed Blue Show at 10pm and hung at O’Neal's afterwards.
Can you see my bucket?!?

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  Drive & Moneyball
-Improv seen:  24 (2), Berido, The Blue Show, Comedy Sportz (2), Friends of Alcatraz (2), Grimacchio, Iron Lung, Jessica Tandy, Medic, The N Crowd, The Ones Your Mom Warned You About, Pro-Mania, Rosen & Milkshake, Toy Soldiers

-Fringe Shows (none Improv):  Darryl Charles Impromptu stand up, Zacherlie & James Bradford is Thick

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