Sunday, December 4, 2011

End Of The Year Review (June)


6/2 9th Wedding Anniversary.  Went to Mexican Post, came home and fell asleep by 9pm.  Very romantic!

6/3 Had to drive home from work b/c Julie left her keys in my car.  Oopsies.

6/5 Filmed Bob & Bosco for The Clink in the green screen studio, saw Horner and Davis as part of Duofest.
Nobody is paying attention.

 6/6 Went to Phillies game with Julie, Kerry and Joe.  
Phillies win!

...and  broke up 4:45am cat fight outside with Leo & white cat (who we will assume to know later)
Soon to be an indoor kitty (as ALL kitties should be)

 6/7 Kerry got Sandy to take in Leo (YAY!). Filmed 1st night of F Harold (6/7-6/12), got home late and did 100th You've Got Geek podcast (click to listen).

 6/8 Julie took Leo to vet (he would then stay in our laundry room from that point on).  I filmed and performed in F Harold (Jim and my first show as Saving Lupin).  
They're like twins!

 6/11 Filmed Joe Trainor Trio @ Arden, Sandy picked up Leo from Julie (happy and sad), went to breakfast at Lucky’s w/ Julie, Kerry, Joe and The Bosco Family, filmed F Harold, hung out briefly afterwards.

Trainors in training

6/16 Got to work and Val called, Nana died @ 3:00 am.  Left work went to Nana’s to be w/ Mom & the Brown Family.  
Ruth Curry

Saw Jeremy Messersmith @ WCL in Philly, ran into Jon Huber.
I yelled at Jeremy afterwards for not playing my favorite song, "Welcome to Suburbia."  
He yelled at me for not requesting it.  Well played Jeremy.  Well played.

6/17 Took the day off.  Saw Green Lantern w/Bosco.
No thumbs up apparently.

Chris Turner's Bachelor Party, went to Stanley’s & AC.  I lost $25 of Bosco’s money on 19 red, he was too drunk to care (know).
I swear this was the beginning of the night.

6/18 Matt Lake's Wedding (we missed it), Nana’s funeral.  Brian read nice eulogy.
The Browns.

 6/19 Went to Regan’s for Father’s Day, some water balloons w/ Mason, went to Kevin & Crystal’s for Snow Father’s Day.  Shot bow & arrows.  Father's Day = various forms of warfare.
I have video of Julie shooting the arrow, but can't find it!  DAMMIT!

6/22 Started Level 201 with Rick Horner.
Mr. Horner.

6/24 Mowed (in the dark), Julie & I went to see Dave & Bigg Romeo at the Springfield Inn.  There was a crazy, old, drunk woman there.
We are a hot lesbian couple!

 6/25 I went to Mason’s 5th B-Day Party, Julie went to Crystal’s Baby Shower...
Waterproof camera...they would have shot at me anyway

...bought beer pong table for Jill’s surprise party (Jill was SO not surprised).
These are the only CLEAN photos I can show.

6/27 Filmed The Clink Boardroom & Mascot, didn’t have XLR cord, used Joel’s cam for sound. 

6/28 Met Joel, Joe & Bosco @ Champps to talk film projects.  Watched Cliff Lee's 3rd shut out in a row. 

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  X-men First Class, Super 8, Bad Teacher & The Green Lantern
-Improv seen:  EVERY F HAROLD SHOW (55 I think)! 

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