Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Gordon Holmes Goes Through A Table (AKA - The Happiest Day of My Life)

I posted this short little clip from the web series The League (no NOT that League) on Facebook this afternoon.

It shows Damon Betz as "Captain Hillbilly" throw Gordon Holmes as "The Blue Shadow" AKA Todd Britches through a table.

Since posting it, it has been suggested that since The Blue Shadow is masked, there's no proof that this is in fact Gordon Holmes.

Allow me to present:

EXHIBIT A: The Blue Shadow - 

Clearly Gordon's hair.

A clear shot of the cast of the League: Kerry McElrone, Gordon Holmes, and Jim Burns. The only "fakery" in this photo is Jim's mustache.

That is undoubtedly Gordon's hair.

But Kevin, the mask...and the shot is rather far away. That really could be a stunt double with "stunt hair."

What the fuck is stunt hair?

EXHIBIT B: The Blue Shadow (Close up) - 

Come on! Look at the hair!
This is closer...and THAT is Gordon's hair. That's also the cheap ass black jacket and tie I bought when we started the series back in 2008.

Still, it could be anyone with a wig...albeit a perfect wig.

EXHIBIT C: Gordon Taping His Arm -

Also the Hair!
Literally go to the tape and compare!

But the stunt double also would have had his arms taped up!

What kind of budget do you think we had on this shit?!?

EXHIBIT D: Gordon in the Ring -

This is literally seconds before we shot the take of him going through the table! There's no denying this photo!'s kind of blurry.

Are you fucking kidding me?!?

If you had a clear photo of him without the mask in wrestling outfit, maybe...

Like this:

EXHIBIT E: Mother F-ing Go-Ho!

Oh yeah...that's totally him. Who was it that suggested it wasn't actually Gordon, anyway?

That would have been Belly 2 Belly episode writer, Gordon Holmes.

Here's the full episode if you're curious:

Monday, September 25, 2017

Don't Eat Elephants!

Where on earth does a child learn such odd behavior?

Oh right. That makes sense.

Friday, September 8, 2017

First Day of School

Yesterday was Kit's first day of Pre-school. The first time she was in a structured classroom setting (for the entire day!) I'll jump to the ending, she did great! But for a minute or two, I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

First - she fell asleep the night before at approximately 5:30pm. WTF?!? This HAS happened before, but it's extremely rare. She slept over 12 freaking hours! So when she woke up, she was extremely pleasant and agreeable.

Second - I got her cheerios for breakfast, but then she walked across the room and picked up Bisquick that happened to be sitting out and announced, "I want pancakes." Julie, happy to make Kit's first day of school special, quickly whipped up vegan pancakes (which isn't as quick or easy as it sounds). Kit ate her pancakes AND cereal!

Third - getting dressed. Always a potential challenge. Kit is usually up for wearing whatever you suggest, but she's also three and often remembers that. This day, she wore what Julie had laid out for her with no objections. She even let us do her hair, which is always a risky gambit.

Fourth - the Photo. Of course we took it. About 8 of them in various locations.

Finally Five - the drop off. Went off without a hitch.

Julie and I were shocked. We spent the rest of the morning at Frankie's on Fairview (of MacDade Blvd), and then went home where I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor. The we went clothes shopping. Then to lunch. All biding our time before picking Kit up from school.

When 3 o'clock finally came around we picked our daughter up by walking into her classroom as required. As Kit said goodbye to her teacher with a handshake (also required so the teacher knows when each kid has been picked up), the teacher asked, "Kit, what kind of pet do you have?" Julie and I stood in the back of the room listening to our sweet, precious child lie! "Well," which is how Kit starts almost every sentence, "I don't have a pet, but if I did, I'd want a chicken."

What the hell?!?

For the record, we have 5 rescued cats (indoors) and 1 feral (outdoor) who we take care of (by we, I am including Kit!)

Our kitchen looks more yellow in photos than it is in reality.
So now apparently, I have to look into rescuing chickens...though knowing Julie's track record, she'll find one (or ten) while driving home from work tonight.