Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mounting Evidence that Donald Trump is Biff Tannen

There's a rumor that has been going around the internet that Donald Trump is in fact Biff Tannen from the future. The nemesis of Marty McFly from Back to the Future. This isn't a fringe thing, there are a lot of sources:

Like This One
And This One
And This One
And EVEN This One

Google itself will automatically suggested Donald Trump as it's first suggestion if you start to type "Biff Tannen" into the search engine.

Hell, even Bob Gale, BTTF's writer confirmed he used Trump as his "inspiration" for the warped character.

But Biff is a fictitious character, right?

THIS is a Tweet that was sent out by Trump today for Cinco de Mayo. Sure it just seems like typical political pandering by a guy who has promised to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

But take a closer look at the photograph he Tweeted.
Specifically at the book on his desk...

See it?
How about now:

Look familiar?

How about this:

CLICK for more info.

That's right, Grays Sports Almanac!

Donald Trump IS Biff Tannen! 

And what's worse, he's flaunting it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

From Westeros to the White House: PART 2

WAAAAY back in June of 2014, I wrote a blog about the 2016 Presidential Election called "From Westeros to The White House." You can find it here:

Last night, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race giving the Republicna nomination to Donald Trump. Trump was not mentioned in my original piece, as he was on NO ONE's radar at that time. He didn't announce his candidacy until whole year later, June 16, 2015.

So how close was I? Well...

Similar to Joe Biden, Samwell Tarly hasn't really factored in this season. 

We all wondered whether he'd throw his hat in the ring, but in the end he's remained on the side lines. Perhaps we'll see more of him in some capacity, but that remains to be seen.

Neither Andrew Cuomo, nor Robb Stark really took the family name to new heights, at least on a national level. Sure there are people who remain loyal to the King of the North but it seems, for him, Winter has come and gone.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure what part of the world either Howard Dean or Tyrion Lannister are in right now. Truthfully, I think the adage "I drink, and know things," only applies to one of them.

Jeb! Your campaign never really got off the ground, did it? Constantly living in the shadow of your older, "successful," brother. Looks like you "Standis" alone, which is more than can be said for Standis himself, who is dead.

This fucking douche! How Ted Crux made it farther than Viserys I'll never know. They had about the same amount of likability. I'd imagine if Viserys ever had a wife he'd have knocked her around as well.

Whatever. Good riddance.

Chris Christie is done, but has realigned himself with whom he feels has the best chance of taking the throne. You sure got a lot of moves, eh buddy? 

Rickon and Huckabee sounds like a shitty buddy cop moving from the 70s. But at this point, we've forgotten about both of you.

Thought for dead, some people believe the Hound still lingers. Maybe he'll return with a pair of glasses to make him look smarter. Or, like Rick Perry, maybe he'll stay "dead."

I'd say that Mitt Romney's presence is still felt throughout the land ala Tywin Lannister, but let's be honest? What presence? When he came out against Trump, the Republican voters skewered him not unlike Tyrion's arrow.

"Hand of the King" vs "Guy Who's Name Sounds Like Something A Hand Goes Into"

Little Finger & Rand Paul. Both seem to be gone, but I have no doubt both will be back. With similar haircuts.

Hodor returned! YAY!
(If) Santorum returned? BOO!
We got some depth out of Hodor lately, learning his name is Wylis and he used to speak!

There's no depth to be found in Rick Santorum and I wish he'd stop speaking all together.

Did you "Feel the Bern?"

I admit when I wrote the original piece back in 2014 I didn't know much about Bernie Sanders, nor did I know much about Mace Tyrell.

However, I have since learned that each of them have produced some rather amazing things, making me wish I could live in their worlds.

Bernie spawned a revolution looking to bring equality to the masses.

Mace spawned Margaery Tyrell.

Truthfully, if I could only choose to live in one of these worlds, I'd rely on penicillin to cure any "burning" sensations.

I mean, come on!

That brings us to Ms. "In-It-To-Win-It."

Polarizing though she may be, she's strong as fuck and that scares the hell out of people (both her enemies and her allies). I admit I wasn't the biggest fan, but I have certainly come around.

The way she's been treated has been deplorable.

If she was a man, she'd would be celebrated across the entire "Kingdom"...well, maybe not the incest stuff.

But both Hillary and Ceresei are formidable opponents and it'll take more than a "walk of shame" to bring either one of them down.

Which leaves us with, Donald Trump or Drumpf as it may show up in your browser.

Who is this Johnny come lately in the Westeros/White House quest for the throne?

Is he a Jamie Lannister? A guy who was once close with Hillary and now has seemingly turned his back on her?

Is he a Joffrey Baratheon? An immature boy king with questionable lineage and an ignorance that seems to lead to violence where ever he goes?

Is he Ramsey Bolton? A bastard who happens to be an absolute sociopath?


Is he Jaqen H'ghar? A man of many faces who seems to have disciples following him blindly?

Yes. He's all of them.

But, all added up, he's the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen.

A horrendous tyrant who met his end at the sword of one of his own followers.

"He loved to watch people burn...He burned lords he didn't like. He burned Hands who disobeyed him. He burned anyone who was against him. Before long, half the country was against him."

The night is dark and full of assholes.
I might have paraphrased that a bit.