Friday, December 5, 2014

Goodbye...SORT OF

According to old wives, "A picture is worth a thousand words."
According to Google, "they ain't worth shit."

Last week, I was forced to update my android. The update (which I complained about on FB) completely merged ALL of my photos and killed the storage space on the phone. I was forced to delete an album of "posted" photos, because WHO needs them on my phone they are on my blog?

I haven't blogged since the update.

Today I clicked on my blog and found EVERY blog I have written since June 27th has had it's photos deleted. I'm a visual person, that means many of the posts are now pointless.

In deleting the photos from my phone, I was actually deleting them from Google, who owns blogspot & blogger & pretty much the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, there is no longer any point for me to continue with this blog. I sure as hell am not going to go back and edit 66 entries that I"m fairly certain no one ever read anyway.

I feel similar to how I felt when I accidentally deleted ALL of the photos on my hard drive (which, after a shitload of work, were eventually recovered).

I'm super pissed and attempted to delete my useless Google+ account, only to find it would also delete my YouTube account (guess who owns YouTube?), which means it would delete The Cheap Seats.

I'll be the guy talking to himself in the corner for the next few weeks. Fuck.

It's time I start my own website. This is ridiculous.

(edited: OK, first - THANKS to Brian Turner, I got all the photos back. second - THANKS to Adam Wahlberg I'll have my own site to blog from in the New Year. Until then, I stand by Fred Roger's sentiments)