Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sean Gunn Has Amazing Hair!!!

Let me start off by saying this:

Sean Gunn has tremendous hair!
Absolutely gorgeous!
Like, possibly top 5 hairdos ever!

I know that sounds like I'm pandering, but I mean it.
And I've studied the hell out of his hair!

Why you ask?
Because there are too many ways to spell his name.

Wait, what?!?

Bear with me...

November 3rd 2013, my friend (or he'd soon become my friend), Shaun Kreider was cast into ComedySportz.

My own ComedySportz mentor, Sean Curran, would constantly tell Shaun, he's spelling his name wrong.

According to the Bleacher Report, there are 11 variations of "Sean."

For example the aforementioned Sean and Shaun, as well as Shawn, Shawne, and even the overly Irish, Chone. For our purposes we're just going to stick with Sean & Shaun.

Somewhere around the end of 2016, I had told another ComedySportz Player/Friend, Josh Holober-Ward, that I had never played Dungeons and Dragon, but I had always wanted to.

January 22, 2017, I had my first D&D experience.

Along with (MORE) ComedySportz Players/Friends: Emily Davis (#27), Kristin Finger (#7), Kevin Pettit (#25) and Alli Soowal (#36).
*I have included ALL of their numbers in case you wanted to play the lottery or something...mine is #9.


Hold on...I'm getting to it.

So our D&D campaign continued for quite a while. Some people came and some people went. But we continued to meet, semi-regularly.

Then, on June 3, 2017, something magical happened...

We were asked, by our friend Mike Gregorek (ComedySportz NYC player), to PERFORM a D&D style Improv Show at Wizard World in Philadelphia!

Shaun and I had performed the year before at Wizard World as part of ComedySportz, in a rare 1 on 1 match. It was probably my favorite ComedySportz moment from 2016.

We'd be performing as ComedySportz again (or as NERDPROV) this year...

But before we donned the Blue & Red jerseys, we'd be dressed in all black for the origin of "Roll Play."

Our D&D journey was just beginning. With Shaun and Sarah LeClair added into the mix:

(Have you won the lottery yet?)


It's coming! Jeez!

So we performed "Roll Play: An Improvised Adventure" (though that name would come later). The crowd LOVED it! So much so, people ditched the Michael Rooker panel to come see us. Or Michael Rooker's panel was sold out and people had no other option...either way, it was terrific!

We've waited long enough. Now, tell us about SEAN GUNN's FUCKING HAIR!!!


So after Roll Play and after ComedySportz, most people went home. Shaun, Kristin and I decided to go back out on the floor which was closing in about 20 minutes.

Suffice to say, there was almost NO ONE there.

The Fans and many of the vendors had packed it in for the day.

Sean Gunn was still there however, and Shaun thought it would be cool to get a photo with him for his Dad for Father's Day (The Kreider's are Gilmore Girls fans...that's not a judgement merely a statement of fact).

Now it should be mentioned, that me, a balding man, am jealous of Shaun Kreider's hair. And Shaun loves to point this out. So as we walk up to Sean Gunn to get a photo (yes we paid and followed all the rules), I decide to take a shot at my buddy and say, "Hey Shaun, finally someone with nicer hair than you."

They took this great photo:

While Shaun was looking at the photo I took on his camera, I shook hands with Sean and told him I LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which I had seen back in April. While shaking my hand, he kind of ignored me and then walked away.

I immediately became pissed! My buddy had just shelled out a decent amount of money to get this photo, and we were all the sudden being ghosted?!?

As we walked away I looked back and saw Sean Gunn was staring daggers at me. WHAT THE HELL???

I realized it was the end of the day and he'd seen a lot of people, but I had been there all day too and had performed two shows!!!

I was just as tired, man!

Also, I rule the Seven Kingdoms, bro!

Or I guess Kristin does. But I digress...

So I let it go, because Shaun was so happy and I didn't want to ruin his moment.

I was seething while driving home.

I trashed Sean Gunn to my friends Jimmy and Petra who we had over for dinner that night.

I was still annoyed while going to bed.

The next morning, in the shower I replayed the event in my head forwards and backwards. Why was Sean Gunn a dick to me?

Then, while playing it forward again, my mind's eye caught this line:

"Hey Sean, finally someone with nicer hair than you."

I immediately thought, "er...Shaun, not Sean..."



Sean Gunn thought I was being a dickhole right to his face...and I WAS, though I meant to be a dickhole to Shaun's face.


How could I right this wrong?

My daughter and I were going back to Comic Con for the last day so she could meet some of the Disney Princess...okay Harley Quinn:

Yes Kit was shy until Harley said, "Wanna hold my bat?"
It was a nightmare getting the bat back from Kit.

While we were there I saw Sean Gunn taking photos at his booth.

I thought, I should go over and apologize. Then I thought, will he even remember? So instead Kit and I went and said "Hello" to Rider Strong, who was awesome and we got waved to by Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy) because kids are adorable!

In the end, I did NOT apologize to Sean Gunn. I did however tell Jimmy & Petra that I was terribly wrong and they laughed in my face.

Maybe someday I'll work with Sean Gunn and I'll tell him this story and he'll laugh. Or maybe he'll remember and have me removed from the set.

Sorry Sean. You have terrific hair!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Scott Caan: The Final Chapter

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've already seen all of this. If you don't follow me on one of those, and yet somehow stumbled on to my blog (and actually read it), you have my thanks.

The following is from Facebook on Thursday November 23, 2017:

Saw Bad Moms 2 last night. It was fun. When I got home from the theater...guess who was waiting for me?

Tired & cold in New York. Have been "guarding" floats all night.

Weird to be guarding a cop float... — at Macys Balloon Inflating.

Super cold waiting for the Parade to start this year.

I should have worn something heavier than my hoodie.

Of course Scott did full a "deck change." Once a surfer, always a surfer I suppose... 
feeling cold at Macy's.

Olaf is aloft — at Macy's.

Scott Caan: I know last year Tony Bennett was a tough assugnment, but maybe we can get you to hang out with another VIP.

Me: Oh! Gwen Stefani?!?

SC: I had a better idea...

Seriously?!? This guy has taken like 70 selfies of himself.

Well...they moved me off Fallon duty and moved me over to work as a balloon wrangle for the Red Power Ranger. Unfortunately, the wind picked up and we had an "incident."

I don't think I'll be asked back next year, so this is kind of working out!  — at Macy's.

Baby sitting celebrities, balloon wrangling, or guarding balloons from outside threats is one thing, but when you want me to be a watch out while you steal a dog from a kid, that's where I draw the line. — at Macy's.

This is that moment when you find out that Scott Caan volunteered you to dress up like Santa, because the other Santa is high off his ass on whippets!

One of these years I'll have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Also happy (other) holidays that have happened since Thanksgiving up until today. In the US they include:

Happy Hanukkah, American Indian Heritage Day, Robert E. Lee’s Birthday, President’s Day, Black Friday, Lincoln’s Birthday, First Day of Advent, Cyber Monday, St. Nicholas Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pan American Aviation Day, Wright Brothers Day, December Solstice, Washington’s Birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Day After Christmas, and Kwanzaa (*Boxing Day is a Canadian Holiday).

Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

1 Day....

"Expect SC tomorrow."

Oh, I get it.

So this photo was clearly lifted from my Facebook page. I exactly who will be knocking on my door at 3am tomorrow morning...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

2 Days...

OK. Now it's officially weird.

I opened my LOCKED car door this morning (which I'm certain was locked last night). And sitting on the passenger seat was a "TOP SECRET" folder with a bunch of information regarding the Olaf float debuting in Thursday's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The information within the folder contained tons of typos and some of it was written in what looked like crayon, so I'm not buying it.

But just in case, 
I'm not going to go further with what was inside. There were "For Your Eye's Only" warnings all over the place and whoever did this WAS able to get into my car without a key.

I don't want to accidentally start some international incident. And based on the info inside, it IS international!

There was a handwritten note which read:

"Expect SC tomorrow."

I'm nervous...and a bit scared, but at least the "SC" mystery comes to an end tomorrow.

Monday, November 20, 2017

3 Days...

It's been awfully quiet on the "SC" front.

Though, I was awoken last night to the TV downstairs. It's possible Julie or I left it on after going to bed.

There was a Hawaii Five-0 marathon on, however I don't see how this could be related.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

4 Days (Technically 5...Was Mistaken About My Mistake)

No new developments.
Perhaps SC takes off on Saturdays?

Friday, November 17, 2017

5 Days...

Found another Post It note this morning. I'm not sure if it's new or was from a couple days ago. 

Rather than simply toss it in the trash, I examined this one a little bit more carefully.

On the surface it seems like Santa Claus is going to pay me an early visit Thursday morning. Hence the "SLEiGH" and the initials "SC." However, I started to dig a bit and this is the theory I came up with:

Since Lyft is NOT an Irish company called "O'LYFT" I typed it into Google and it said:

Did you mean: Olaf

I didn't. But perhaps I should.

So far the two words that have been in quotes from the Post It notes were "SLEiGH" and "FROZEN." This makes sense in the context of the film Frozen (Kristoff rides around selling ice in his "sleigh"). Plus all this talk of GLOVES (Elsa is forced to wear "gloves" to cut down on freezing the things she touches).

When Google asked if I meant Olaf, I clicked through and found this little bit of information:

'Frozen' snowman Olaf tapped to debut as a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


Weird messages. Getting up at 2AM. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

There's something familiar about all of this...I feel like I'm close to figuring out the mystery behind this "SC" character.