Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The End of LickRosco is Near!

Nothing is free.  Didn’t I learn anything in my first 35 years?

I got an email the other day (as part of “Deal of the Day”) that said, “Get a FREE $100 gift certificate to Subway.”  I like subway!  In fact, I eat their Veggie Delight often.  What a great deal.  I diligently filled out the form and emailed it back.  I received a follow up email asking for my address.  Hmmm.  I know they have to mail the gift cert, but do I want ALL that junk mail?  After all, I have a small PO Box I only check once or twice a week.  I decided not to fill it out and deleted the email.  Unfortunately, I had already sent the initial email, which has now resulted in SPAM.  How much you ask?  About 20 emails…A DAY!

I recently opened a gmail account.  Many of you know my Yahoo handle, LickRosco (which was also my AOL handle).  It’s origin is less than sorted and came from not being able to get ANY user name I attempted to be accepted when signing up for AOL oh SOOOOOOOOOO long ago.  “KevinRegan311 is available.”  No thanks.  First, I don’t want a number…that definitely limits the feeling of individuality.  Second, if I am going to use a number it’s likely going to be divisible by 69!  Finally, what if people think I like the band 311?  I can’t have that, and seeing as KevinReganGrandFunkRailroad was already taken…

LickRosco stuck & I was fine with it.  My friends didn’t seem to mind when LickRosco showed up in their “inbox” with in invite to a soiree or to come swim at my parents.  However, it was difficult to send out emails of a more “professional” nature and was even weirder when some new person I met would ask for my email address -

Hipster in a band:  “Hey cool.  You recorded the show?  Can I get a copy?
Me:  “Sure, no problem.”
Hipster in a band:  “What’s your email address?”
Hipster in a band:  “Umm…yeah.  My mom is here to pick me up so I gotta go.”

Every time I would give out my address to someone, they would just give me a look.  A look, when interpreted, which said, “I’m not going to be emailing you.”

I was thinking so slowly phasing out my LickRosco account.  Yet this sudden bombardment of SPAM, as well as my publishing it here for all to read, has kind of sped up my timetable.

So if you receive an email from in the near future, please don’t be offended.  It’s very possible I am inviting you to a Tiki Party.