Friday, December 30, 2011

End of the Year Review (October)

10/2 Filmed The Clink “wedding” (Lauren bride), Phillies lost game 2 of the NLDS
A little Hollywood trickery to make the dress fit.

10/3 Clink Season 2 premiered:  “Debergeracing.”

 10/4 Phils win game 3 of NLDS (close one), went bowling with Julie & Peter.  Played 3 games and won 2 duckies (that's the real reason we bowl)

10/7 Julie worked Box Office at PHIF and I filmed.  The Phillies lost 1-0. Series OVER!

10/8 Work shop with Tara-awesome! Filmed PHIF, went to Bonners.
This photo was outside the work shop.  
Why is that guy swimming if the pool is closed?

10/11 Dirtiest Sketch in Philly 2011 (Feeko Brothers won with their Mad Men/spit drinking).  Went with  Berger, Sean & Mike.
2011 wasn't online, so here's 2010's much talked about winner.

10/13 Julie & I saw Louis CK with Ron & Dorinda, went to Nomad.
It's like we're ghosts

10/18 Drove to Springfield, NJ for work.  Performed in Adrift with Alex, Bert, Corin, Dennis, Emily, Kristen, Matt & Matt Lydon!

10/20 Rehearsal dinner for Dan & Christine @ Generations

10/21 Cut Kerryoke slideshow, saw Hot Breakfast @ WCL with Joe & Kerry, Dan & Christine’s Wedding

 10/24 Last rookie rehearsal for CSz.

 10/25 Full CSZ rehearsal. 

10/28 Cardinals won The World Series, went to Blue Show (sat with Todd & Jason) & went to Gross Show

10/29 J Chiropractor, It SNOWED!  Kerry’s Halloween Party.
The AIDS Doctor gives Boba Fett his results.  Yep.  It's AIDS.

10/31 Went to Phoenixville and took Mason out with Mom & Val, gave candy out with Chris for Halloween, including trash I had in my pocket to some "shitty" teenagers.

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  0 movies.
-Improv seen:  ALL the acts in PHIF, The Blue Show, CSz & The Gross Show
* Cheap Seats on 
**Started Reading Game of Thrones

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