Tuesday, December 20, 2011

End Of The Year (July)

7/1 Went to Molly’s for Bob’s farewell.  

Had ice cream with Gordon and Tara on their anniversary and Bill and Jen.

7/2 Helped Chris/Kim move, went to Brian and Vicki’s for Jacqueline’s B-Day, met up with Jack Knapp at Barnaby’s.
That's me molesting Matt as he puts a grill together.

7/4 Saw Transformers 3 (sucked!) Went to Drew and Marie’s for 4th of July.  Came home watched DVR of 1776.
Veggie dog?  Let's hope.

7/7 Discussed “Recycling” with Bosco, Joe and Joel.   Went to midnight screening of Horrible Bosses.  Registered for Comedysportz audition.

7/8 Job interview at the Grand.  Went to Drew’s watched Black Dynamite and King of Kong...fell asleep.
He's controversial, like abortion.

7/9 Went to Blobfest, but didn’t see film.  

7/10 Went to Mom and Dad Regan’s for Dad B-Day.  Everyone was there.

7/13 Ralph filled in for Rick at Improv Level 201.  We all went out and met with Rick @ O’Shea’s afterwards.
Taken later in the night when we caught up.

7/15 Went to Blue Rocks game with Julie, Pookie, Joe, Kerry, Andrew and Suzanne.  Went to Iron Hill afterwards.

7/16 Saw Harry Potter (am), went to Chris and Kim's Wedding filmed dance & best man speech.

7/19 Bosco’s Birthday.  Put AC in Kitties room for this week.

7/21 Saw Captain America with Rob at Midnight.

7/22 Went swimming @ Mom and Dad’s with Pookie, Lauren, Steve, Pam, Emily, Peter, Joe, Kerry and eventually Joe.  No Julie L She was cooking for shower.

7/23 scanned 650 + photos at Uncle Chris’ from 9am to 7pm.  Julie had Christine Shower.  I met Andrew at Golden Castle around 2am for a sundae (no bananas).
City Sports shirt?  Yes.

7/24 Brianna came to see kittens, Julie and I went bowling and got a bunch of ducks.

7/25 Worked until 4pm, filmed I Call You Out (The Clink)

7/28 Had “Recycling” read thru @ Kerry’s (Bosco, Pookie, Joel, Andrew and Joe T).  Saw Cowboys and Aliens with Bosco.  I fell asleep.

7/30 Auditioned for Comedy Sportz, had lunch with Marc and Kristen

7/31 had call back for Comedy Sportz, went to Dana and John’s house warming, Jason called, I AM IN COMEDY SPORTZ!  Julie and I went to Italian Restaurant in Media.

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  Transformers 3, Horrible Bosses, Harry Potter, Captain America and Cowboys vs. Aliens
-Improv seen:  Asteroid!, Fletcher, Hendersons, Matt& Medic, Mayor Karen and Horner and Davis 

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