Monday, December 26, 2011

End of the Year Review (August)

8/1 Weird night ending with an episode of The Clink being cut from the season.  I produced my ass off this night and fixed towel holder in bathroom.
I'm a handy man! 

8/2 First ever Comedy Sportz rehearsal.  I got there SUPER early and read in Rittenhouse Square Park.  Short rehearsal 8-9pm then went to O’Shea’s with everyone. 
I believe this photo is for the location in San Francisco.  But you get the point.

 8/5 Loaded in for The Clink at UD with Andrew and Bosco.  Andrew and I both got hit in head while putting the cell together.  We bleed together. 
Andrew took this picture and said "I don't see anything."

8/6 Filmed The Clink ALL day.  I have Sabatino’s sneakers.  Julie and I had dinner at the Mexican Post where I got BOOZEY!
First day.  Easy day.

8/7 Filmed The Clink ALL day.  I spent $100 on food for everyone (ouch!).  I went to Incubator.
I won't say who, but SOMEONE couldn't remember their ONLY line in this scene.  
The line, "Fuck Yeah!"

8/9 Bob resigned from the podcast.
I hope this didn't influence his decision.

8/10 Met Julie at Blackbird for dinner and had last Official Level 2 Improv class (with a photographer present).
Best vegan pizza! 

8/11 Julie and I saw Midnight in Paris at Bryn Mawr. 
Midnight in Paris (trailer)

8/12 Picked up my suit from the dry cleaners.  Filming of The Clink at Marcom was canceled due to Joe’s bee sting.  Talked to Rick on the phone for 40 minutes when his car got towed.
Dramatization (Not Pookie's hand, you can tell because there's no FOOD in it).

8/13 Tamra and the boys came to take Ainsley and Toby (tough morning), Jeff Crane’s Wedding, hung out with Marnie.
The girls!

 8/14 Filmed The Clink until about 1:30pm (office), wen to Gordon’s for his B-Day (gave him the Fart in a Jar) and watched WWE Summerslam.
Jason drove over an hour for 1 stinkin' line this day.  
Also, we let him eat the donut. 

8/18 Played Pool with Matt @ Drexeline.
 Matt wins "16 Ball" a game we may or may not have invented.

8/19 Julie and I had dinner at Su Tao, visited Valerie and Mason at the new house in Phoenixville (played Wii with Mason) then went to see JAWS @ The Colonial.
Great theater.  See a movie there.  ANY movie!

8/20 Filmed tattoo on Chris’ back with Brian & Joel in Phoenixville and we went to Gordon and Tara’s for Beatles Rock band. 
 Best band EVER!
The Rocking Horse Ranch takes it's "Rockband" VERY seriously!
 Pete Best?
Joe Sabatino sneaker siting!

8/21 Scanned photos at Uncle Chris’ at 10-4pm.
Gems like this come from hours of scanning.
Me, Erick & Brian

8/22 Went to Phillies game with Julie, Kerry and Joe where wet Tim Willard.  Saw Jess Snow and Brandon Libby, pitched sketch idea to Brandon for “Dirtiest Sketch.”
 Julie, Tim & Kerry
Old timey baseball

8/26 Filmed The Clink (Shower scene) at Marcom.  The images will haunt me for the rest of my life!
If only he kept this shirt on during filming.

8/27 Filmed The Clink before Hurricane Irene.  Stockdale didn’t die! Hung out at home with Julie during the storm, where we never lost power.  Though we did have ALL the cats in their carriers at one point.
This is Jason Stockdale's "Last Will & Testament."  
He didn't die, but seeing as it's NOT dated, I think it's still valid!

8/28 Aftermath of Hurricane Irene (wasn’t that big a deal).  Peter and Emily came over for Spanish Fries and to watch “A Hard Day’s Night”.
This is a common occurrence.

8/29 STAY-cation #1, Lazy day of reading, mowing and watching TV.  Ate at PF Chang’s where we were told there is meat in everything! (editor’s note – this turned out to be untrue).  Had Comedy Sportz at Alt rehearsal site (where apparently Jason now teaches guitar lessons).
Call now to sign up!

8/30 STAY-cation #2, Took branches for Val to Mom and Dad’s with Julie, where I mowed their lawn (some vacation!).  We went to Big Lots (my continuing quest to find the film Tiptoes), St Pete’s and ate at Su Tao (found Tiptoes at Movies U Buy!).  Then, I went to FULL troupe Comedy Sportz rehearsal.
Found book for Kerry @ Big Lots

Julie Sunshine @ St Pete's.

8/31 STAY-cation #3, went skating with Julie at CN Skate, saw “One Day”, ate at Mexican Post w/ Peter and Emily then went bowling with Joe and Kerry. 
-More ducks for Julie!

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  The Help, Midnight in Paris & One Day
-Improv seen:  0 shows!
-Improv rehearsals:  9
-Ducks aquaired:  Too many too count!

*Started Watching Party Down.  Awesome show!
** Did a promo poster for TCS

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