Saturday, December 3, 2011

End of the Year Review (May)


5/1 Went to Erick and Ellen’s for Mom’s B-day... 

...and Bin Laden is DEAD!

Here's one of my tweets:
YourHeroKevin Kevin Regan 

Bin Laden killed by Earthquake. Not an earthquake, but the always well dressed comedian.
I hope this was taken BEFORE Labor Day!

5/3 Attempted to see Thor with Mike Henley before the film was released, but the download file the theater was showing was corrupted.  
I still use my FREE movie pass as bookmark.

5/5 Cinco de Mayo, filmed Suggestical @ Milkboy.  Saw Thor at midnight with Bosco where he looked up some chick's skirt.  
 Yes he ended up with "blue ball."

5/7 Went to Exhumed Films Ex-Fest with Joel, Brendan and James from 11am to 9pm (I left early), but not before seeing one of the best (worst) films I ever saw.  Listen to the You've Got Geek reviews.

...Took "stalkeresque" photos of Bosco on a film set at a diner in Philly...

...went to Blackthorn in Downingtown with Julie, Joe and Kerry.
Check out Dr. Doyle on TV in the corner.  EVERYONE is Irish!

 5/8 The Annual Snow Mother's Day Brunch @ PF Chang’s...and went to Mom and Dad Regan’s
Look that angelic smile...
on the kid's face who is holding a severed angel's HEAD!

5/9 Julie thinks CJ might be pregnant...nah!

5/11 Saw Donald Glover @ The TLA with Sean.
He's a douche!

 5/13 Julie and I busted a move to Mexican Post, ate in 30 minutes then got to City Theater in time for me to film Nine and no one was the wiser...
...except maybe this guy!

5/14 I went canoeing w/ Joel and Jason, they flipped THREE times.  It was maybe the greatest moment of my life!  Seriously.  I laughed so hard I almost flipped.  But I didn't.  I stayed dry.  Dumbasses.

But here I must confess something to all of my readers (all 9 of you)...I had video of it.  But I filled my memory card and decided to delete it to get more photos.  It was a tough decision that I still lose sleep over.  True a Sophie's Choice moment...
This Photo always makes me happy.

...We then ate at Four Dogs Tavern wear we watched a guy gush over Bam Margera.  Later I saw Hesher with Julie, Brendan, Amy, Joel and James,  Julie and I saw Comedysportz.

5/16 First Saving Lupin Rehearsal @ Jim’s with Emily as a coach. 

5/17 Voted.  Julie had to “Re”vote as she broke the machine.  We to World Cafe Live "The Queen" for a Joel’s Meeting that never ended up happening.

5/19 Met Bosco for Tacos in the parking lot and then a midnight screening of The Pirates of the Caribbean 4. 
Clearly the photo of a dude who is eating tacos in a parking lot before a midnight screening.

5/20 Filmed Zoo Story @ Chapel Street Players, had dinner with Julie and Andrew at Home Grown, then I helped Andrew take down curtains at CSP.  He took photos so I could see what it would be like if I were ever to do stand up.
The screwdriver can also be used for HECKLERS.

5/21 The world was supposed to end.  It didn't.  But my mower died, I took it to Sears.  Maybe thats what Harold Camping was predicting.  If so, well done sir.

Julie and I went to The King Of Prussia Mall where I bought her 2 dresses for her birthday.  We met Kevin 2 and Bonnie @ Dark Horse off South St. for drinks and had dinner @ Horizons.  

5/23 Julie’s Birthday!  

We went to Mexican Post with Julie, Kerry, Joe, Amy, Sue, Emily and Peter.  

Also, the Return of Chase Utley

5/25 Saw Attack the Block with the You Got Geek crew, got home in time to watch the 19 inning Phils game, where Wilson Valdez got the "W."

5/26 Starred in (that's right, I was an actor!) an industrial video for Marcon (more so for Pookie) with Randy and Amy.
That's me a dick.

5/27 Joe and I went to Horner and Davis, Amie and Kristen Show and The Hopper Bros. Then we met up with Julie and Kerry in Media.   Jimmy and Petra were there.  No camera that night.  But here's Media:
What else is there?

5/30 Memorial Day - CJ had kittens! Toby, Percy, Ginger and Ainsley.  

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  Fast Five, Thor, Brides Maids, Hesher, Pirates 4, Attack the Block, and The Hangover 2
-Improv seen:  Amie and Kristen Show, Comedysportz, The Hopper Brothers, Horner and Davis, and Suggestical
-number of kitten named after West Wing characters:  5 (CJ, Toby, Ainsley, Percy and Danny)






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