Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End of the Year Review (April)


4/1 Julie & I took off  for Phillies opener.  Anthony & Pookie came AJM came at the end.  Went to Kevin Niemi’s Art Show at The Grand.
 I have no idea what this guys is doing.
That's Because Your Blind Now, Mildred.

4/2 went to CTC benefit without Julie (Kerry, Joe, Lee, Raj & Michael).  Caught CJ and went to animal Hospital until 12:30 am where we were told “she’s not pregnant.”
CJ!!!! (Named after Allison Janney's West Wing character CJ Cregg...
she was almost named Sookie)

4/3 I saw Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein with Pookie & took the Cat Trap back.  I picked up Ant and went to Gordon’s for Wrestlemania with Andrew.
Full Disclosure:  This is from 2010 not 2011.

4/6 CJ finally ATE!  Joel & I edited The Cheap Seats.  I tend to fart on Joel when we edit.
A rare editing when we did NOT watch Remember the Titans.

4/7 I hurt my back while filming Suggestical @ Milkboy Cafe.  Saw Your Highness alone at midnight.

No need for the arrow ma'am, you shot me in the heart!
4/8 Pam’s 40th Birthday party

4/9 Visited Nana for 92nd bday, Julie & I drove Joe home.  We went to Lanie’s 1st Communion.  Ended the night with Jim & I hitting at the batting cages.

4/12 We met Tina Fey @ Free Library and gave her a DVD of The Clink

4/13 Screening at James Rubber & Hobo With A Shotgun

4/15 Filmed Cubby Improv Show at O’Neal’s.  Julie worked the door.
Watch the video here:  Cubby "Get Well" Video

4/16 Logan Benefit (won Union tix, Gordon won nothing keeping the streak alive).  Went to dinner at Pinnochio’s in Media with Julie, Sue & Amy.
I played the part of Kerry this night.

4/17 Premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO
 Winter is fucking coming all right!

4/22 Saw Cat on A Hot Tin Roof @ CSP, Jim, Ray & Francesca were AMAZING drank scotch with Ray afterwards.

4/23 filmed Hitchcock Improv & hung out at Latvian Bar. 

4/24 Took photos of Andrew asking Suzanne to marry him, went to EVERY liquor store in DE & PA finally got beer at Pinocchio’s.  Had Julie’s parents for Easter dinner.

4/26 Took Mac & Lupin to the vet for teeth cleaning

4/28 Went to Khyber Pub for Dining out, saw cage match (Rosen & Milkshake won), had coffee on AJ’s roof with Julie & Cara until 1am

4/29 Julie & I went to Phillies game, diamond box with Joel & Sabrina.  Howard hit a grand slam

4/30 Mowed, found raccoon, Julie took it to Schuylkill, did Clink read thru, Julie & I went to Union game w/ Joel & James.  I filmed Hitchcock Improv, Julie came with me.

Other Highlights:
-Movies seen:  Hanna, Lebanon, PA, Scream 4, Source Code, and Water For Elephants
-Improv seen:  Hitchcock Improv (2), Horner & Davis, Iron Lung, Rintersplit (2), Rosen & Milkshake and Suggestical (2)

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