Friday, November 25, 2011

End of the Year Review (March)


3/1 Matt came over for dinner and we worked on balloon animals. 
This one would likely frighten a child
3/4 Mexican Post with Julie, Jason, Kerry, Joe and Amy.  Jason and I saw Rango (Joel's review is here):

3/5 Julie and I went to the Flyers vs Sabers game (L) where we ran into Chris Rossello, who managed to piss off EVERYONE in our section.  He sat below us in the first level.  He missed a Flyers goal when he was reading my text.  I laughed for a long time about that. 

We Saw Mother Mother @ The Fire where we ran into Bonnie & Kevin walking Pepe.

3/6 Julie and I went to christening for Vicki and RJ’s baby Cameron in Lancaster
Drew and I stayed dry while we let Ethan check to see if it was still raining.  It was.

3/8 Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras @ Kerry’s.  Julie, Kerry, Joe, Matt Cas, Amy, Gordon and Jim.  I made Hurricanes.

FD 2011...I earned my beads in the traditional holiday way...Julie did not.  

I'm not sure how Joe got his.

3/10 saw BattleLA screening w/ Brendan in the pouring rain.  I sat next to a 70 + year old woman who coughed throughout the whole thing.  I didn't make the experience any worse than watching the movie did.

3/11 I filmed Rabbit Hole & Anthony went on an extended vacation.
Brenden "huffing glue" at what used to be Bosco's desk.  Sorry Bosco.

3/12 Screening @ James (Driver and Good, Bad and Ugly) until 3:30 am (Day light savings)
 This is SOLID filmmaking!

3/13 We removed the costumes from CSP (Fawcett stole my clothes!) and I took down the Swing Set at the house.
That's TOTALLY my fucking shirt!

I'm shocked that George didn't take the swing set down in this photo from 2008 Tiki Party.

3/15 Production meeting for The Joels @ Pinocchio’s with Julie, Kerry and Joe.  

3/17 Julie, Kerry, Joe, Amy and Jim @ Paddy’s Day (Blackthorn played at Springfield Country Club).  We were there about 6 hours.  I think we might have forgotten to tell Joe and Julie it would be that long.

We went to Tom Jones around 2 am...I decided eating lemon meringue pie from the 80s was a good idea.

In typical Irish fashion, the night consisted of: 






And of course DRINKING!!! 
(Not necessarily in that order)

3/18 Julie’s car is DEAD.  I called out of work and saw Paul with Bosco and came home to do yard work. I ended up with a rash, hopefully from the yard work and not hanging out with Bosco.

3/19 SuperMoon!!!  Erick Paddy’s Day Party, Saw ComedySportz with Julie, Joe and Kerry.  Peter and Emily came out and we hung out at O'Shea's for Jason's Birthday.  Kerry and I had a painfully "intervention" with Jason...check out my TEARS!

3/20 Neil Hamburger @ Johnny Brenda’s w/ Brendan and Andrew. 

3/22 Sold Julie’s “dead car” for Ca$H.  Had dinner at Mexican Post and rushed home for Julie's baseball fantasy draft.  That's right, my wife plays fantasy baseball and I don't.  

3/24 Picked up Julie’s "new" car and went to dinner at an Indian Restaurant in Newark.  They never brought our dinner, just the appetizers we ordered.  We told the waiter and he asked who took our order, we told him he did.  He didn't believe us.  Julie repeat their conversation "word for word."  He left and never came back.  We left $ for apps and left. 

3/25 Saw Jill Sobule and John Doe from X @ The Tin Angel, where we ran into Jana and Jason Grimley.  Then RAN to PHIT to see Horner and Davis.

3/27 Saw Sucker Punch w/ Brendan, Joel and James.  

Listen to Brendan Carr talk about why this is the greatest film since Hitchcock's era:

3/29 Took ALL three kitties to the VET.  Got them updated on their shots (because there are apparently more kitties on the horizon...)

3/30 Filmed Joe Trainor Trio @ The Queen (World Cafe Live).  Had free food like a rock star, it was AWESOME! 

 3/31 Julie picked up the “cat catcher,” I went to cage match, Rosen & Milkshake vs. Iron Lung at PHIT.

Other Highlights:
-Helped a friend "move out and move on"
-I did a rough cut of short film Life Sucks (which the world has never seen, though it's on my computer awaiting some music and FX touch ups).
-Movies seen:  The Adjustment Bureau, Battle: Los Angeles, Kill the Irishman, Limitless & Lincoln Lawyer, Paul, Rango, Sucker Punch & Take Me Home Tonight
-Improv seen:  Comedysportz, Grimacchio, Horner & Davis (2), Iron Lung, Rintersplit, Rosen & Milkshake & PHIT's Level 2 Class

Also, James won the Oscar PODCAST bet:  You've Got Geek (Ep 86)

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