Tuesday, November 8, 2011

End of the Year Review (February)


2/2 Spotted a stray kitty hanging out around the house…will she end up living with us?  Seriously have you met my wife?  I'll give you a hint...

YES she ends up living with us.

2/3 The Cheap Seats Read Thru (Home games), then went to Logan House in Trolley Square for Hot Breakfast (Hot Breakfast!) and JT3.  I drank the rest of Jill’s Rum, got buzzed and went home.  Probably should have eaten at some point.

2/5 What was SUPPOSED to be the final day of filming The Cheap Seats got cut short by freezing rain.  But we still had our “NOT” wrap party at Kerry’s,

Which included the age old traditions of: 

Getting drunk,

Drawing cocks on each other's faces,

And of course, listening to Genesis:

2/6 Since I gave up on football this year, I opted to ditched the Superbowl to go bowling with Julie, Joe and Kerry.  Though I feel I added a "SUPER" quality to the BOWLing

2/7 Julie names our “mystery kitty” Sookie (which would eventually change to CJ because I was watching immersed in a marathon of the entire series of The West Wing)

"I like that you're tall."
2/10 Filmed BT and the BT Dancers (Brian Turner and Matt Casarino) at Mojo Main.

2/11 Julie and Bonnie went to see Dr. Dogg.  I went to see Improv at the N Crowd’s Theater.  The Amie and Kristen Show was maybe the best show I've seen them do and that's saying something as they're  INCREDIBLE!

2/12 We FINALLY wrapped The Cheap Seats...
This is the last shot of filming (from episode 0-4 "Binoculars")

...then I booked as to Downingtown to go bowling for Valerie’s birthday.  I was so tired I drank a 5 hour energy that was in my car from the film shoot.  It made my heart tingle.

Check out the score...this will forever be remember as the day I beat Erick!

2/13 Brought candy home to all my bitches:  Julie (vegan chocolate) Kerry and Jill (aka Jillybean)

2/14 Julie and I went to Su Tao for Valentine’s Day dinner, without reservations.  Cause that's how I roll!  They were able to squeeze us in (oopsies)

2/15 Julie costuming Rabbit Hole...

...on a side note, Bosco owes her a car!

2/17 Filmed JT3 at Grape Room in Philadelphia

2/20 Picked up Jason at the airport before going to last Improv rehearsal before show and Julie “played” Becca in Rabbit Hole Cue to Cue.

This is from the "green room" of the actual show...but I don't have a photo of the rehearsal so deal with it!

2/21 First Clink meeting for season 2.  Started watching Treme.

2/23 Arrest Warrant for Julie on the door.  Pay your parking tickets kids!  We celebrate her scofflaw ways by going to the Mexican Post.

2/24 First Shamrock Shake of the Year and Rabbit Hole (preview)

2/25 filmed CTC Community Series.  Jim and I darted to Philly to see The Hopper Bros.  Jim and I found “road Art.”  Flying Molars.

2/27 performed class show at Shubin Theater

Yes there's video.  No you won't be seeing it.
2/28 Refi’d the House for all those kitties!!!

Other Highlights:
-Mexican Post trips:  2, Home Grown trips: 2, Royal Tavern trips: 1 and Govinda trips: 1
-Brendan joined the PODCAST
-Movies seen:  Cedar Falls, Drive Angry, Hall Pass and Unknown (4)
-Improv Shows seen: The Amie and Kristen Show, BWP, The Hopper Brothers, Iron Lung, Medic (twice), Rare Bird Show and Suggestical (8)
-Number of Chris Jericho books gave to me by Andrew Mitchell:  1
-Number of Tweets during the Academy Awards:  more than 1

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