Thursday, November 3, 2011

End of the Year Review (January)

What did you do with your 2011?

There were parties, weddings, film shoots, weddings, Hurricanes, weddings, a tit load (which sounds much nicer than “Shit load”) of Improv and of course weddings!!!

Because my memory is complete balls any more, I utilized a Journal all year to help me remember what the hell I did over the course of 12 months.  Here are some highlights…with photos!


-The Traditional New Year’s Eve Party at Kerry’s house…most of this is a blur, and of course…I didn’t start keeping my journal until “2011 proper.”  I assume some timely Dick Clark jokes were told.

1/1-I spent a slightly hung over New Year’s Day on Andrew and Suzanne’s back porch.  Sure most people were inside, but Joe knows why I stayed outside, on the cold porch, for most of the party…I must have eaten a lot of Chili at Kerry’s the night before.  

Later that night Julie, Joe Kerry & I see our first movie of the New Year.

The Fighter

Hear Joel, Bob, James & I on "You've Got Geek" review of this & the "2010 Year in Review" here:

1/6-First production meeting of The Cheap Seats at Champps. I seem to hang out there a lot.

Anthony, Joe, Joel, Julie & myself.

We made Anthony pay, but he took it out of the budget of the show...which means with Pookie eating we were just about at Titanic's budget.

But seriously folks, we tried to recruit the waiter as a Production Assistant.  It didn’t work out.  

Speaking of “not working out,” Pookie had plenty to eat!

It's possible this is not an ACTUAL picture of Pookie...

1/7-Mexican Post for Kerry’s Birthday (2nd time Julie & I were there this week)

(No one showed up)

1/8-Kerryoke 5!!! 

@ The Manocchio’s!  

It was a packed house with Guitar Hero on the first floor and traditional (if you can call it that) karaoke on the basement floor.

We even made it through a late day snow fall...which I shoveled out of Steve’s drive way.

Here's a nice tidbit.  I forgot to buy ice.  I was at Wawa and bought a ton of other stuff, but forgot to buy ice.

"But Kevin, there are 2 bags of ice in that photo," you say.
Yes.  That's because I forgot to BUY ice.
Stolen ice is the COOLEST!

Kerryoke Slideshow of all 5 years

1/10-I washed my iPod.  Oopsies.  "The Day the Music Died."

You can read all about it in a previous blog here:
(Editor's note:  Steve Jobs was alive when I wrote this) 

1/13-Bosco and I saw the Andrew Mitchell directed “Zoo Story” at Chapel Street Players starring Brian (Amarillo) Turner.

We also saw a girl giving a guy a blowjob in the parking lot behind Grotto’s Pizza (true).

Probably not this girl.

I don't believe that was on the menu, Bosco asked...a lot!

Anthony & I saw Green Hornet at midnight (my first midnight screening of 2011)

I also learned that Bosco can't watch movies in 3D as it hurts his head.  
I hear there’s a girl at Grotto’s that can take care of that!

1/15-The Cheap Seats read through...
Anthony Bosco...6-Pack
Kerry Kristine McElrone...Vivian
Dana Michael...Rhonda
Jason Stockdale...Gunner

Joe Pukatsch...The Mascot
Julie Snow Regan...the greatest wardrobe mistress EVER!!!

Later that evening...The Regan Christmas happened at Brian & Vicki's a wee bit late this year.

1/21-like a terrible husband, I ditched Julie’s Holiday Office party to Film JT3 & Hot Breakfast (HOT BREAKFAST!) at Candlelight theater.

Hot Breakfast doing "Jesus Christ Superstar....Abridged."

1/24-Another read through for The Cheap Seats (I'm like a task master), without Dana (to everyone but Dana).  

I have no idea why these guys dressed like this.  Apparently neither does Kerry.

Before we began the read through, Jason & I watched the Dukes of Hazzard episode "Little Cousin."  It's the one with the little alien.  Perhaps the worst episode ever (which is saying something)

  It’s still on my DVR because I can’t bring myself to delete it.

1/26-we got hit with another awful snow storm.  I still made it into work, but the road were CRAP!  

Julie spent the night making tee shirts for The Cheap Seats in our dank, cold, basement while listening to Jill Sobule.

1/27-16 more inches of snow (what the fuck!).  

Julie & I both called out of work, meaning I sat on the couch watching DVDs of The West Wing while Julie worked from home.  

I still braved the shit weather that night to see Jason in New Brain at Plays & Players.  I got to hang out at the legendary Quig's Pub where I met Rob Cutler & Mary Carpenter.

1/28-The eve of filming, I met Pookie & Bosco to de snowed & de iced football stadium for filming the next day.  Pookie had almost EVERYTHING done by the time I got there.

This is a bit misleading, it was PITCH dark when we did it.  This is the next day.  That hair dryer is hooked up to a generator.

Anthony used a snow remover to cut a path from his backyard to the actual stadium.  I hope they don’t follow it to find out who did it.


1/29-we filmed the AWAY games of The Cheap Seats.  It was beyond FREEZING.  The crew never wanted to go inside for fear of not wanting to come back out.  This seemed to strike some of the actors particularly hard! 

I had the greatest cast & crew anyone could ever hope for...and they worked in these elements for NO PAY! 

1/30-Watched Commitments at Jill’s (projected on the wall) & went to Gordon’s with Andrew for Pay-Per-View.

This photo wasn't from this night, I just wanted to work it in.

1/31-Joe & Kerry came for dinner to start discussing The Joels.

Other Highlights:
-Improv classes on Sundays
-Movies:  The Fighter, The King’s Speech & Green Hornet
-Julie started watching Mad Men 

Up next...February


Claire said...

BEST month of far re this retelling--this made me so happy--and you left out our first movie of 2011 comment "i am so glad Kerry has a fake boyfriend again" xoxoxo LOVING THIS YIR blog you may have inspired me--but excited for Feb when Scottie showed up

Kevin Regan said...

Scottie Leo or Scottie Caan?