Sunday, January 1, 2012

End of the Year Review (December)

12/2 Julie & I took Mason to the Old Fashion Christmas Parade where we met up with Jim.  Later we went to Iron Hill in Media for dinner.
 The little guy checking out the "big man."
My nephew is The Rebel Without a Cause.

12/3 I put up the Christmas tree, Julie did lights.  We went to Maoz & then saw Fletcher with Peter & Keren (Andrew’s wife).
 Julie taping the tree so the cats can't climb up it.

12/4 Julie bought $1000 in CAT FOOD!  Put the ornaments on the tree.  I went to Cara’s Storytelling Show, then Emily & I saw The Magnet Theater Touring Company.  Julie went to Petra B-Day @ Harvest.

12/6 Went to CSz and then saw Darryl’s stand up at Helium (still using the ticket as a book mark for my GOT's book).  Got Govinda’s for Julie & I.  Lupin ate half her sandwich.

12/7 Went to Sketch Playground and played with Rick & Josh (Beer).  Our suggestion was “microphone.”  The Clink is up (Tat’s)

12/8 Recorded Christmas song with Gordon, Manocchio, Joe, Kerry, Julie, TS, Petra & Jimmy.

12/9 Julie & I went to dinner at Fellini’s in Media.

12/10 Julie & I did crafts with all the Regan kids @ Mom & Dad’s.  Went to Tapistry, the last Fletcher & Tattoo Mom’s.

The end of Fletcher 

12/11 Went to Mom & Dad’s to help load the wood pile.  Mom's & I worked on the gingerbread house. Mom made Taco Salad for Gordon.  Cookie Party 2011! (I was “disqualified”)
 Taco Salad!

 Joel & his bevy of blue cocks (Dr. Midnight, Poppa Smurf & a Navi)

My disqualified "Cancer Wig Shop"

12/12 Julie & I watched MADE with Chris Salt, went to Wilmington to meet Paul (Mayoral campaign meeting), met Bosco @ Stanley’s. 

12/13 Went to CSz rehearsal (well, well, well), left early to meet PODCASTers at Franklin Inst Dark Knight Rises

12/15 TRAFFIC SUCKED!  Filmed A Little Night Music @ CTC.

12/16 The Cheap Seats “Christmas.” Julie took kittens to the vet.  Filmed Hot Breakfast & Santaland Diaries @ CSP.  Went to Homegrown with Julie, Matt, Jill and eventually Andrew & Suzanne.

12/17 Shopping at Total Wine (Madness).  Went to Val’s for Regan Christmas where Joe played Santa.  I locked my keys in the car” was able to get them out by holding down the button.

 12/18 Saw It’s a Wonderful Life at the Colonial with Joel, James & Sharon.  Went to Su Tao & Sherlock Holmes with Julie.  Jack, Sharon, Doodles, James & Joel were at the movie.

12/19 Went to 3 malls with Bosco for Christmas Shopping.  Came home and watched an awful movie about Mexican Wrestling where we both fell asleep on the couch.

12/21 Filmed Ladies & Gentlemen “Jingle Party”

12/22 SECRET PANTS Christmas show @ Johnny Brenda’s

12/23 Half Day, and Julie came with me for CSz (Blue w/ Langston) vs Dan.  We won!  Filmed Ladies & Gentlemen.

12/24 Ran some errands, finished editing Val & Christine’s Weddings, went to Joe & Angie’s.  Julie is getting sick.
I told Crystal I wouldn't show this photo.  I am a liar.

12/25 Christmas!  Went to Regan’s @ 12pm and Snow’s @ 5pm.  Julie getting sicker.  Losing her voice.

 12/26 We missed Snow Christmas in VA because Julie is REALLY sick.  Lost her voice!  I went to see GWDTT at night.

12/27 Saw War Horse in the AM, Julie is sick, watched a lot of Mad Men s2 on the couch.

12/28 Julie & I wrote out our "Things to do in 2012" lists.

12/29 Went to 1812’s “This is the Week That Is” at 8pm with Emily & Peter.  Went to Monk’s afterwards with Emily, Peter & Greg.

12/30 Half Day, then I ran box office for Comedy Sportz

Family Portrait

12/31 Watched Flyers Alumni Game and went to Kerry's for New Year’s Eve Party.

And that was a 2011!

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