Friday, January 27, 2012

Bloody Bloody Hockey!!!

I “missed” the NHL’s All Star game in 2003.  I didn’t miss it, I “missed” it.  It was on in the back ground while I talked to Michael Gray (my hero) about multimedia for City Theater’s 2003 production of “Into the Woods.” 

We met on common ground like we were trying to squelch a mafia type war.  My wife Julie drove me to Kerry Kristine’s house on “Suicide Curve,” a great name for a place where one attempts to curb bloodshed.  As I recall, Julie & Kerry went out (drinking I’d assume) while the men stayed home to talk musical theater with the 2003 NHL All Star Game on the TV in the back ground.

Fast forward 9 years.

I fell in love with a musical called Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson last year. 

I started listening to the music in October, so of course it went and closed “off Broadway” in December.  I never got to see it.  Then it’s announced that my own City Theater is producing the show for the 2012 season.  Holy Balls!  I gotsta be involved.  

I plead with my hero to allow me to jump on board.  He graciously lifts the restraining order he’s had in place for a few years, allowing me to come on board with the production. 

My first meeting with the production team?  This Sunday, January 29 for auditions.  It also happens to be during the 2012 NHL All Star Game. 

Well played Gray.  Well played indeed.

On a happy note, Scott Hartnell of the Philadelphia Flyers has been added to the roster for The 2012 NHL All-Star game, replacing injured Chicago Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews.

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