Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Old School Young Jeezy

Yesterday I decided to Google “Young Jeezy.”  I know little of the kid’s work, so I figured, let me “learn myself up” (that is not a Young Jeezy song lyric).

Turns out, Young Jeezy isn’t young at all.  He is only 2 years younger than me, making him merely Jeezy.  Further investigation (reading the first line of his Wikipedia entry) revealed his birth name isn’t even Jeezy, but instead is Jay Wayne Jenkins.  Not sure how the nom de plume came to be.  “J Dubs” would seem to make more sense.  However, J Dubs is a steel drum band from the islands, so that could have been awkward at certain soirées.  The Urban Dictionary lists “J Dubs” as being slang for a Jehovah Witness. 

My extensive research did not produce any results for a performer simply named “Jeezy” (that research consisted of typing “Jeezy” into my search engine and diligently looking at the first 3 entries).  Seeing as “Young” Jeezy was born in 1977, I think it’s time to retire the misleading adjective.  Here are some suggestions for replacement:

-Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins or J3 (sorry Trainor)
-Freezy Jeezy (this new branding should accompany an Icelandic tour)
-DJ Jeezy Jeff (I do not believe any part of this name is currently in use)
-Jeezy Underpants (those Capt Underpants books are popular with the kids.  Lure them in before they’re potty trained)
-Jeezy Tiki Tavi (I just like this one)

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