Friday, February 17, 2012

Entertainment After Death

As a society we tend to put people on a pedestal to make it easier to publically knock them off it.

Whitney Houston died on February 11th.  The media is now reporting on “pending subpoenas” which are to be issued to her doctors and the people who worked at the pharmacy she frequented. 

Some people not named in the subpoenas: 

1. The producers of her Bravo reality show that exploited her problems.  I hate reality television and look for every opportunity to bring it down.  You can argue that she was paid for her “services” on the program.  And you’d be right.  But weren’t the doctors & pharmacy employees also paid?  Let’s sue!

2. Bobby Brown.  This guy has been rhyming words with the same words for years.  That’s lazy.  And now, punishable by the court system.

3. You, the viewers.  You say you never watched the show?  Well perhaps that’s what killed her.  Shame on you.  I never watched the show either.  But I already pointed out my hatred for reality TV.

Luckily “the media”, who is nothing like the Edward R Murrows of the past, feel they haven’t squeezed enough “exploitainment” out of the 48 years that were Ms. Houston’s life.  Now they want the same three ringed circus that came out of the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial. 

Apparently this is what we do now.  We are bored.  So, we build people up.  Then we destroy them.  Seriously, we ALL need to get some fucking hobbies.

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