Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ice Skating

Jeff Hanson: Eddie Shore?
 McGrath: Piss on Eddie Shore.
Steve Hanson: Old-time hockey?
McGrath: Piss on old-time hockey!

I love me some hockey!  But I’m getting old and have less opportunity to play.

Just last week I was talking to Julie about getting rid of all of my equipment.  Then I went ice skating.  I never played ice hockey, only roller hockey, but man do I love it!  Sure I miss my hair, but the thing I miss most about my youth was my “Wolverine-like” healing ability.  If I got out and played roller hockey now, it would take me about a week before I could walk again with out a limp.  I just don’t have that kind of time left!

Saturday, Julie, Kerry, Petra & I went ice skating. 

Jimmy was there too, but he just stood around giving everyone the finger. 

I love crashing the crease on the ice (where the net would be) as if I’m going to score a goal.  Sure I can’t stop on ice skates, but that’s part of the fun (I’d be like Andre “Moose” DuPont).  I’m sure I look like a fool when I skate in with my imaginary stick, but I can’t look any worse than Roger Sterling figure skating out there (I have no photo of that guy.  But check the security tapes, he was there).

Some people are a bit shaky like Gran-mama here.  Little kids knew it was wise to stay away from the pink haired woman with weapons on her feet. 

Some people try and nurture the little kids.

Unless they get too close, then they put them on their asses.

And of course some people feel trapped and look for any reason to get off the ice.

I had such a good time that I’ve decided to hold on to my hockey equipment for a little while longer.  I’m not sure if I’ll go out and play any time soon, but I can always pretend.  And isn’t it nicer to pretend with props?  I bet our Roger Sterling look alike would have preferred the real Joan Holloway on his arm rather than imagining her. 

Or perhaps he was more into Don Draper.   

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