Monday, February 6, 2012


“Banner Year!”  That was an expression Steve Berger and I used to proclaim when we’d make good use of our time.  Therefore we said it about 2 or 3 times.  We were lazy.

But this is already shaping up to be a “Banner Year!”

This weekend, I did a bit of “jet setting” (no jets were used in the setting).

Rented skates to rented shoes.  Falling to Guffawing.  Frozen water to freezing water. 

About a month ago I bought a GROUPON for ice skating at The Pond in Newark, DE.  It was $14 for 4 people (ice time & skate rental).  I thought I sent a mass invite over Facebook to help me spend this coupon, but I have since learned I did not.  Saturday, we still managed to get 5 people show up, 4 of which” skated.”

I’ll write more about the ice skating adventure tomorrow.  Until then, here’s a photo of two very chilly HOT Chicks.

Then Saturday night, I went and “made shit up” as one of my compatriots likes to say when referring to Improv.  I like to call it “inventing ha ha’s”.  I had a fun night of ComedySportz, but still don’t know a word that rhymes with “else.”

Sunday, as I previously wrote, Jim and I partook in the age old tradition of jumping in the ocean in the middle of fucking winter!  Sure the air was 42 and water 47, but you weren’t there, so let’s not mitigate the experience or judge me for crying as I joined The Polar Bear Club.

I’ll be blogging all about this, tears and all, later this week.  SPOILER:  Jim and I both survived, though there were some injuries incurred.

And finally, the Second Annual “SUPERBOWLing” took place Sunday night. 

The Giants won the SUPERBOWL, but we ALL won “SUPERBOWLing.”  Except the poor people working at Conchester Lanes who wished we’d just go home.  They were the *analogical Patriots.

Last year there were 4 of us, this year 9.  Next year can we break double digits?  Maybe.  If I actually remember to tell people about it a little but more than an hour before.

More about SUPERBOWLINGing later…

*Is analogical a word?

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