Monday, June 11, 2007

The Return of Empty October Promises

Well folks it happened. All of my dreams come true. Not too many years ago I bought myself not only a jersey, but 2-- count them 2-- baseball gloves. Why 2 gloves one might ask...well one, I'm glad you asked. You see I have a blue one for the road and a red one for when I'm home. What does it say on the back of my jersey you may about MESA!

Hell Yeah!

It would seem that Pat Gillick is taking a page out of David Chase's book which can only read, "I hate the fans!

17-5 we were annihilated yesterday...was it all Jose Mesa's fault? I like to believe so, even if deep down I know that many other hands in the bullpen had a say in the matter.

I'm starting to believe that October baseball is a myth.

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Bagogga bag.