Thursday, June 14, 2007

Italians, Dogs and Comic Books

Just when you feel 10,000 losses looming, the Phillies sweep the White Sox. This team is amazing. Not necessarily in a good way. They are 2 games behind the first place Mets…which puts us tied for second with the dreaded Atlanta Braves! October baseball perhaps?

I have been emailing back and forth with Vicki today. Apparently her dog Lily is trying to eat her out of house and home…literally. It would appear that Ms. Lily has a taste for window sill. My guess—it tastes like chicken. She is well and coming home from the Vet today.

My mom would tell us boys that we were eating her out of house and home, with the exception of Brian sharpening his teeth on a wicker lamp here or there, I figured this just an expression…what do I know?

Italian Festival last night. For those of you who don’t know my good friend Jimmy Festival is eternally scouring the globe for a Festival to go to. Last night was the Italian Festival in Wilmington. It was a lot of fun, although not very Italian. There were many bands playing music, one sounded Jamaican…but my favorite was the one that played “La Bamba.” That old Italian classic. It does end in a vowel.

This weekend Brian and I are going to Wizard World. I love it. Hopefully many pictures to follow.


Anonymous said...

Lily is famous!!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Festival sounds like an awesome dude