Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On So Sickly...

I have no idea what is wrong with me...I don't have Lyme's Disease again, but that's what I feel like. I am so run down. I called out of work and slept until 1pm. That's 14 hours! I feel like a teenager again...a 30 year old plus, balding teenager. OK I feel like a teenage as portayed on Beverly Hills 90210.

My Philadelphia Phillies are now a mere 14 losses away from hitting the 10,000 loss mark. I feel a party is definitely in order. If you can't be the best, at least you can be the best at being the worst. My good friend Steve lived his entire High School career under that philosophy.

I love not having to work weekends, but damn do they fill up quickly! Until about 3 months ago I lingered away in the wonderous world or retail. But alas, now I have joined the cubical rat race that has spawned more than half of the viewing audience to the sitcom "The Office," as well as more than three quarters of the viewing audience for "King of Queens." I have never watched "The Office," and I will NEVER watch "King of Queens."--(I was going to rip on "Everybody Loves Raymond" here, but I opted to give it a rare reprieve...look for scathing reference in the future).

I am thinking about having a "Mix Party" in August...not to be confused with a "Mixer." Instead, it would be a party where the invitees bring a "mix" to be judge by a panel of judges (namely me). Joel is 100% against this, for he feels Berger has already won. One word folks--*"Banana Phone." Details to follow...

I really need to try and attempt to finish a 10 minute play I have been working on. Subject matter? Sex. Deadline? June 26th. Likelihood of me having it done in time? Not very likely.

I have a strange hankering to play golf if there are any takers. Double D, I'm leaning towards you buddy. I haven't play in roughly 12 years. That's about as much golf as I can handle. Anyone interested whip out your putter and we'll tee it up.

I want to play golf? I must be sick...

*Banana Phone might in fact be two words.

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