Thursday, March 2, 2017

Your Trump (Distraction) Countdown

So there are currently 1460 days remaining in Donald J. Trump's current presidential term...that is, if he completes it in its entirety.

The Vegas odds are currently 10/11 per this article.

So, you can spend those remaining days pulling out your hair at every single moment (check the clock above for up to second count), OR you can take some time for distraction.

I'm not saying put your head in the sand. I'm not even saying take whole days off, I'm merely suggesting take a breather so you don't suffocate.

But what can one do?

How about catch up on some TV!

Looking for some Happy Days? Well, there were 255 episodes of Happy Days. If you watched one a day, you'd only have 1205 days remaining (Jesus, that's still a lot!)

Well, then how about a little Law & Order in your life? The original show (not the 20 or so spin offs) ran for 456 episodes. Added to Happy Days, you're down to 749 days! (HOLY FUCK, that's still two more years of this guy in the West Wing!)

Did someone say The West Wing? (Yes...I did), well there's 156 episodes of that! Or 88 if you want to eliminate the non-Sorkin ones (you do), so that brings us to 661 days in the real world...

MTV's The Real World?!? There were 602 of those bad boys! But do you really want to watch them? Me either. Reality TV is kind of how we got into this mess...

So we're still suck with 661 days of this hellmouth. Speaking of the Hellmouth, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ran for 144 episodes, bringing us to 517 (we're under the 2 year mark! Soon we'll all be saying "CHEERS!")

Hell, let's say it now! Cheers ran 273 episodes. Sure Trump is likely Cliff Clavin'ing the country, but we're under a year with a mere 244 days! Not too bad!

You know what is bad? Breaking Bad! Have you seen it? Then watch it again! 62 episodes. Only 182 days to go stuck in this arrested development (I think you see what I did there)

Arrested Development, 68 episodes. 114 days left. 
(Chicken Dance Break):

OK, 114 days. We could do that on our heads...but let's watch Archer instead, with 85 episodes (to date).

WE ARE NOW UNDER A MONTH! 29 Days until we get back to my so called life...

My So Called Life, 19 episodes (really, that's it?)...

Bringing us to a countdown of 10!

Well, why not watch the 10 episode Netflix documentary series, Making a Murder...because if we have to do another 4 years of this, I might kill someone!

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