Saturday, March 18, 2017

Netflix/Marvel Pitch 4 Parts


The pitch: "It's the story of a blind lawyer who is waging a constant internal battle between using the legal system, within the bounds of societal rule, to fight crime, versus bending those very laws he's sworn to uphold thus allowing himself the freedom to fight evil forces through his own brand of well honed vigilantism. It's called, Daredevil."

Netflix: "Wow! That sounds incredible."


The pitch: "It's the story of a woman who has tried to keep her super powers a secret, to the point of not even using them. Yet she has a sense of guilt that forces her to help others through a detective agency. Through her journey, we see her reconnect with a dear friend as well as overcome the strangle hold of a previous abusive relationship that has been a huge roadblock for her becoming the person she was always meant to be. The show would rely heavily on the allegory of the strength of women putting an end to abuse in their lives. It's called Jessica Jones."

Netflix: "Wow! That's impressive! It's been far too long since television has celebrated the strength of females. Well done."


The pitch: "It's the story of an african american man of immeasurable strength, both physically and emotionally. At first he's painted by the police and the press as a villain, but quickly his community rallies behind him realizing the benefits this one man brings in extinguishing crime in what was once the vibrant city of Harlem. The modern struggle of civil rights as well as the power of R&B are backdrops to this series. Imagine a society where a black man was bullet proof. It's called Luke Cage."

Netflix: "Wow! Powerful stuff. And how eerily apropos for this time in our history. This is just the kind of innovation that we encourage here at Netflix."


The pitch: "It's about a guy who punches really hard. It's called Iron Fist."

Netflix: "Umm...ok. Anything else?"

(Looks around at the other producers)
The pitch: "Ahhhh....everyone drinks a lot of coffee?"
Netflix: "Can his fist glow or something?"

The pitch: "I guess so."

Netflix: "Yeah. Whatever."

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