Friday, September 26, 2014

The Return of Buffy The Vampire Slayer? (Nope. Probably not)

This COULD, and more importantly SHOULD, happen!!!
Various people have already posted this FAN MADE Buffy the animated series opening on their Facebook pages. 

I couldn't embed the original posted by Stephen Byrne, but if you CLICK on his name, it'll take you to ALL of his art work including this Animated Doctor Who opening on his Facebook page:

So why should this series come to fruition? 

A few months ago, Billy Hanshaw of Leeds, created a FAN MADE opening to season 8 of Doctor Who. DW Show runner, Stephen Moffet saw it and immediately reach out to Leeds. With Leeds permission, the Doctor Who team used his opening as the basis for the ACTUAL season 8 Doctor Who opening.

Comparison of the Fanbase vs real opening 

"It was the only new title idea I'd seen since 1963," said Moffat. 

Pretty powerful stuff, right? And who knows better than a fan?

So, why wouldn't Buffy The Vampire creator, Joss Whedon and crew jump on board with this animated idea immediately? Well for one, they did! 

Back in 2001 Whedon, along with Comicbook guru and Smallville scribe Jeff Loeb, produced an animated series for 20th Century Fox which was to run on Fox Kids. Unfortunately the show died when Fox Kids went belly up and no other network was interested. 


You can read ALL THE SORTED DETAILS here.

OK, fine. That was 2001. When things were simpler. We weren't fighting wars on 16 fronts and people still believed in the divinity of ABC, CBS & NBC (oh..and sometimes FOX). But this is 2014! Netflix (which isn't even a fucking network) & HBO dominate Emmy nominations. With shows such as Community having a second life after Network fumblings, there's no longer any reason a show with the fanbase of BTVS shouldn't have a dozen outlets clamoring to air the series.

In an interview with TV Guide in 2005, Whedon said the animated series is dead. But perhaps, like vampires themselves, the dead shall rise again? 

Not always, but sometimes the fanbase knows what's Han shot fucking first!

Mr. Whedon, don't make us wouldn't like us when we're angry!

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