Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tacos & Tattoos

I had this sudden urge today to open a tattoo parlor that also sells tacos. A TAC-TOO shop, if you will. There are obviously some pitfalls to this endeavor:

1. I don't know shit about tattoos (other than a "short one" used to point out flying objects on a fantastical island in the 80s).
2. I'm sure the board of health would get all up in my biz-nass if I did this. Come down FDA! This is NACHO Tac-Too Parlor!
3. Likely no one would come.

Or would they?

It seems, though my search for a tattoo parlor/taco stand was unsuccessful, the link between tacos and tattoos has NEVER been stronger.

A taco restaurant near San Francisco, Casa Sanchez has a deal in place. If you get ink of their mascot, Jimmy the Cornman, you get free tacos FOR LIFE! The tattoo can be anywhere on your body, but must be (at minimum) 4 inches. But hell, if you want it across your entire back, rock out with your badass self!

Not bad right? Unless, according to Yelp, the place has been taken over by new management and renamed Ayutla Restaurant...which has ditched the mascot & previous policy.

Tacos & Tattoos are so intermingled, that even Taco Bell got in on the taco for tats promotion bandwagon in 2012.

However, before you run for the border to get yourself inked, read the fine print. This promotion was for the Doritos Locos Taco, ONLY. Which means the taco & tat have to match for eligibility. That Chalupa you have gracing your ass isn't going to get you much more than easily ID'd by the local federales when you moon your taco bell's drive thru.

Here are some more tats I found when searching for the words "Taco" & "Tattoo."

Always a taco near at hand. AND when you jerk off, it's like adding sour cream for no additional charge!

This is Man in the Yellow Hat (from Curious George), meets Slim Pickins (from Dr. Strangelove) meets Taco Tuesday! The ladies must love this guy!

Because nothing says "USA!" like a food traditionally associated with a country where we block it's residents entry into our country. 

That settles it, Tacos for lunch while listening to Journey!

"The old #419" in the book, when you end the night with the thought, "I want a tattoo, but I don't know what to get."

Seriously, I want a taco.

A taco beating the shit out of a piece of pizza. Pfffffft! As if the pizza ever stood a chance!

I could so this one for you.

Hot sauce or blood? Cool question on a tattoo. Bad question when analyzing your stool after eating Taco Bell.

This is either a Taco Superhero with extra hot sauce, or a Taco Rapist. Both can leave your butt hurting the next day.

Is this the new Latin-Politico party "The Green Taco Party"? 

Just your average Dog-headed Parrot being taught the only word it'll ever need.

What pisses me off is this fucking tattoo just got it's own show on Adult Swim, and I can't even get a pitch meeting!

You've been, TACO-STRUCK!

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