Wednesday, September 24, 2014

100 Days of Selfies

Including today, there are 100 days until the start of 2015.

Every year about this time I look to see how many blog posts I have written. 
2014 - 19 posts

That's WAY down from years past (if you exclude last year):

2010 - 30
2011 - 43
2012 - 51
2013 - 15

So, how could I squeeze out a bunch of posts before the end of the year?


Selfie: is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held camera or camera phone.

The news media LOVES the word selfie, even when the photo they are referring to is NOT a selfie! John Oliver did an entire piece on his HBO show about FAUX SELFIES (I couldn't find video for it, but here's a link to him doing stand up about Selfies in general).

Not A Selfie!
You could make an arguement that she used a tripod and a timer for this, but let me ask you this...DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO USE A TIMER ON A CAMERA ANYMORE?

I work in video production and even I would need to figure out how the timer works. Then, after screwing up this shot 8-9 times, I'd have said, "fuck it!" and would have made an omelette with those eggs.

Sure selfies are nothing more than grandstanding usually posted by pompous assholes who suffer from a wicked case of, "Look at Me, Look at Me!" But, with 53 million photos hashtagged on Instagram with the word #Selfie and a new sitcom on ABC titled Selfie, they aren't going away anytime soon.

AMY POND! Also...NOT a selfie.

So I'm undertaking a 100 day experiment to pad my blog entry number as well as possibly make people think I am living a much more charmed life than I actually am.

Kerry McElrone and I have been perpetuating a theory over the years that posting a lot of photos makes others think, "Oh man, aren't they cool?" The answer is no. We are not. No matter what Kerry says.

This article does a great job of exploring the "Oh man, aren't they cool" theory that people suffering from the "Look at Me, Look at Me!" disease exhibit.

I'll post the photos here and on my Instagram (which is also lacking in posts):

Feel free to join in, comment or just ignore the #100DaysOfSelfies


Claire said...

oh we be cool

Claire said...

oh we be cool

Matt Lichtenwalner said...

Two things:
1. I noted there's no selfie in this post. If there's 100 days including today...
2. That link shortener you used broke the 'reply' option in Chrome on Windows 8 (sorry - I'm an ex tech guy). When I closed out the frame it left at the top of the page, the reply button worked fine. Something to consider for future link shortenage.

Kevin Regan said...


1. separate post
2. GTK, thanks!

-we really aren't...