Wednesday, August 31, 2011

25 Frightening(ly positive) Photos Of Hurricane Irene’s Destruction

25 Frightening(ly positive) Photos Of Hurricane Irene’s Destruction

I'm not sure why Buzzfeed has labeled these photos as "Frightening."  I have amended them to make them slightly more positive ( know, they happened to you):

It's like living on WIlly Wonka's block.  Minus the creepy orange midgets doing all the landscaping (no not Mexicans).

Hey-O!  Guess who now has beach front property.

This is East Lake Road in Woodstown, New Jersey.  Oh wait, this was before the hurricane.

Like you didn't already hold your breath at the train station.

Its not THAT deep.  You can even put the top down & go fishing.

Time to Dukes of Hazard the shit out of this place!

Sure it's down, but think of the money all of that Unobtanium will get you.

Photo op.

You finally get to put that sweet ponco to work (no not Mexicans).

The guy that lives here always gave out the shittiest Halloween candy.  Clark Bars?  Really?

Now when grandma dies, it wouldn't tear the family apart fighting over the inheritance.  

That pier wasn't to code anyway.  And, more jobs.  Thanks Obama!

This will teach kids not to text while driving.  Stay Alert.  Stay Awake.  Stay Afloat.

Surely this will decrease the number of bear attacks.

Bonding time with your...wait for it..."step" father*.

The kidnap victim in the back of the van should be fine, he just completed level 2 of swimming at the Y.

There's NOTHING positive about cones.

What kid hasn't wished for this while blowing out his birthday candles?  Hopefully that asshole Billy Simmons from down the street is on it (twofer!)

A real reason not to go to Church.

Fire Prevention Safety

We all agree she's holding pills right?

Real life Q-Bert.

The last mini van has been destroyed.

An answer to the age old question, "Why did Natalie Wood Cross the road."  The answer:  She didn't.

HELL YEAH, it looks like the second Death Star!!!

*I apologize for the "step" father pun.

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