Thursday, August 25, 2011


Saturday August 27th!  That is the last day of principle photography on the Clink season 2.  It is also the start of Julie & my vacation.  It is also the day we were planning on having a HUGH Tiki/Wrap Party at our house.  Oh, and it's also the day that Hurricane Irene decided to bring her twaty attitude to town.

So we are still filming.

We are still vacationing.

The Tiki Party has been canceled.

Irene is still a twat!

I didn't want to cancel the party.  Inside...outside, what's the difference?  (FYI, there's a huge difference when it comes to AIDS test results).  The reason I canceled wasn't because of the impending Hurricane.  But rather because we will most definitely lose power.

Candles (Gordon) & Batteries (Kerry...I have know idea what that could refer to).  The problem isn't the lighting.  I could party in the dark!  Great opportunities to cop a feel (inside or outside).  But instead, it's because we have "well water."

When we lose power, we lose water.  I was in the shower once when the power went out.  I had shampoo in what little hair I have left.  I went to the fridge hoping we had bottles of water.  We didn't.  But luckily the bathroom has a basin filled with water!  Yup.  I really did.

When you have no water, it means each toilet has "1 good flush."  AKA, 1 flush at all!  How could I have a party and enact the "yellow let it mellow/brown...well we only get one flush so just leave it" policy?  I can't!  Sure some of us could pee in the bushes or on Bosco's car in my driveway (Bosco).  But where are the ladies to pee?  I'm seriously looking for suggestions on that one sickos!

So that said, I am not fearful of the storm.  Quite the opposite.  I'd encourage friends to come over and drink and hang out.  But you might want to bring some Lenni Hurricane items.  Such as the previously mentioned candles & batteries.  Also, you might want to bring a bucket, but fuck inside or outside.  That thing ain't coming in my house you twat!

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