Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Late to the Party

When I was in college, I had NO TIME for a fraternity. I felt it was stupid to pay to join a club to make friends. Of course I have since changed my mind because of ALL the cool movies I’ve watched with Frats in them. Sure I’d be in Lamda Lamda Lamda if I was in any Frat at all…but you never know when a road trip to Hotel Essex is right around the corner (yeah…I went sequel there).

I now feel like I have joined a Frat.

This Sunday I start my first “formal” improv class in Philadelphia. I have been part of a short form group for the last 16 months, though we’ve been on hiatus for about the last 12. Where I learned from a very skilled improviser and have read a ton on the subject! I also have trekked into Philly to participate in what can only be described as a “Jam.” This is when people just get up and improv with strangers.

But now I have paid my dues and like the Boogers, Blutos and whatever Brandon Frasier’s name was in School Ties, have done before me…I will take my paddling and grateful ask for another.

I am lucky enough to be joined by some people I already know. My fellow pledges. Jim Burns, Andrew Mitchell & Ron Ozer. I am hoping we’ll get nicknames.

God I miss Improv!!!


Ron said...

Jim is coming too? Damn. This was supposed to be scary as shit because I have never done it. Now I am doing it with experienced hands...and it is even scarier. Help me Obiwan!

Kevin Regan said...

You'll be fine. We've forgotten everything.