Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy Weekend, Crazy Holiday Approaching

So the weekend started off with Julie and I watching 2 of our neighbors being put into the back of the Medical Examiners truck. I'll assume this wasn't a drill that was being run and assume there's a house down the street going on the market real soon...that sounds a bit callus I know, but it's also inaccurate, the house is already for sale.

Last night I went to see my friends TS & Daryan in a play directed by another friend, Todd. The play was "Coyote on a Fence" and it was amazing. It presents both sides of the death penalty argument, and really makes you think deeply about the subject matter long after you've left the theater. From there Julie and I cruised to Tattooed Mom's on South St for some late night vegan food.

This morning I put the Christmas lights on the house as the weather was a bit warm. I figured, I'd put them up and leave them off as opposed to waiting until the freezing temps roll in and then loose a couple fingers decorating the house. I then watched Harry Potter movies the rest of the day. I jumped on the computer to find out a concert I wanted to go to next weekend is sold out. I was buying tix for me and 2 other people, so I had to wait until I had enough $ to do it. Unfortunately I have the $ and no tix. I also have been fighting with a website for post cards for "the Clink," my web's been a pain in the ass.

So that was my weekend and my phone rang.

Not my cell phone, but my house phone.

Not a big deal you'd say, but here's the thing, about 4 months ago (maybe more) we got a new land line. We got a package deal with our cable and internet service, but couldn't keep our old number. We saved enough that it was worth while to ditch the old number. There is no forwarding number so no one has the new number. I mean NO ONE! OK, not no one. Joel, Bosco & Jim all have it. If you check your caller ID you might too (if I've called you). Neither my, nor Julie's parents have it. Just an oversight we'll soon correct.

So when the phone rang tonight, I figured it is one of a few people or a wrong number. But the area code was a "323" area code. Got to be a wrong number:

Me: "Hello?"
Voice: "Are you naked?"
Me: "Oh fuck!"
Voice: "I'm usually naked when I fuck." (Laughter)
Me: "How did you get this number?"
Voice: "I have my ways. Why did you change it?"
Me: "To avoid you."
Voice: "Didn't work."
Me: "Apparently not. What do you want?"
Voice: "What are you and Julie doing next Thursday?"
Me: "No!"
Voice: "What?"
Me: "We're not doing it?"
Voice: "You don't even know what I'm going to ask."
Me: "The fuck I don't, Scott. We are not coming to New York again."
Scott Caan: "I'm sending a car. You won't even have to drive."
Me: "Don't send a car, because we aren't fucking coming."
Scott Caan: "That's fine. If you don't want to come you just tell the driver you're not coming. The driver who drove ALL The way from New York City the night before Thanksgiving. Tell him he wasted his time and he can turn around and head on home. I hope you'll be kind enough to let him use the bathroom before his long drive back."
Me: "You fucker!"


Me: "Hello?"


Me: "Goddammit!"
Scott Caan: "Did you think I hung up?"
Me: "I hate you!"
Scott Caan: "See you next Thursday!"


To be continued...


RoryJ said...

I think that I like Scott, hahah.

Jim said...

Oooh Can I come? Is he taking you to a special screening of Harry Potter?

Claire said...

crazy old Scottie! I love that guy!

Ron said...

Great Scott!