Monday, November 29, 2010

What is Mead?

First off, let me start by saying, I know what mead is.

I have been hosting writing sessions for a new sketch comedy show, tentatively titled, "Joe's Unclipped Cock: (we're working on it - the tile, not getting Joe to alter his parts).

Tonight I pitched a piece called "Noah's Ark." It's not done, but I wanted the guys to get a feel for what I was working on. I think Joe hated it, but was taught at an early age not to talk with his mouth full. Brendan didn't seem to have any opinion other than, "Can we insult more religions?" And Anthony...well Anthony didn't know what "mead" was.

I thought he was kidding, but he wanted to "test audience" the word. So I told him to text 8 of his friends and I would texted 8 of mine and ask simply "what is mead?" We learned quickly, not what mead was, but who has the more informed friends. All but one of mine texted back with the correct answer. A variation on "a honey wine" or "a sweet beer" were given as answers. Anthony's friends however missed the mark a bit. Also he texted me as part of his sampling which definitely didn't help his cause, but made me laugh.

In the end the line stayed...but we realized also that Anthony & Joe don't know who Mary Jo Kopechne was. Do you? I'll give you a hint...Ted Kennedy + Mead =


Andrew Mitchell said...

wait... I was texted by Anthony and I was right, I better get credit for it!

Kevin Regan said...

It's not as good a story that way Andrew. I would have text you too, because I knew you'd know what it is...


I said medicine..which if you think about is correct..I mean isn't alcohol a form of medicine? SHAZAM!!