Sunday, November 28, 2010

RIP Enrico Pallazzo

I was fortunate enough to meet Leslie Nielsen when he was making the rounds for his Bad Golf Made Easy videos. I was with my brother Erick & the great Jim McCabe. This was back in my quieter days (yes they existed). I was too shy to shout what I felt needed to be shouted, so I'd ply Jim with line.

Nielsen came in and everyone cheered. I whispered to Jim to yell "It's Enrico Pallazzo" which he did to many laughs. Even though I didn't say it, I felt a sense of accomplishment as the writer (even though I wrote nothing, just had a friend quote a line from someone else's screenplay). It was an odd day.

My favorite part of the day was Jim asking Leslie Nielsen to sign his photo: "To my snoogie lumps, Jim." Nielsen laughed and said "OK Jim." After we got out of line Jim looked and he wrote the same thing he wrote on Erick's & mine, "Lucks & Laughs, Leslie Nielsen." Jim was pissed!

Where ever you are tonight sir, I wish you lucks & laughs...and I hope NO ONE Dares call you Shirley.

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