Monday, January 30, 2017

Dear Sen. Toomey

This is the letter I sent to Sen. Pat Toomey asking him to vote "NO" for Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education:

Senator Patrick Toomey
8 Penn Center
1628 John F Kennedy Blvd #1702
Philadelphia, PA 19103

January 30, 2017

Dear Sen. Toomey,

My name is Kevin Regan. I am a Democrat and a Pennsylvania voter living in Delaware County. My father, Francis J. Regan Jr., is a diehard Republican. Our dinner conversations are always interesting, to say the least. But one thing we agree on is the great responsibility that is saddled upon our public servants. That is evident now more than ever.

Clearly your office has been inundated with phone calls in regards to various topics lately. Though I’d imagine the abundance of those pertain to cabinet votes, specifically that of Betsy DeVos.

My wife Julie and I have a beautiful little girl named Katherine. We call her “Kit.” She’s three years old and, in September, will start her first organized schooling. She is our first and only child, so of course we’re scared to death! We think we’re ready, but that seems to scare us even more.

I’m 41 and Julie is, slightly older (I wouldn’t dare write a lady’s age here).  Therefore, most of our friends have already been down this road we’re traveling on to send a child to school. This has been an extreme comfort to us, as we have a fantastic support system in place. To me, this is America. Not Republican or Democrat. But common ground in creating and nurturing the community we live within. That support system.

As a Democrat, I am asking that you, a Republican, vote against Betsy DeVos tomorrow. I truly don’t believe that she, in any way, strengthens the support system which American families depend on in the Education System. In fact, I am certain, she weakens it.

I am not asking you to vote against party lines, but rather to vote for Fathers, like myself. To vote for Grandfathers like Francis J. Regan Jr. To vote for families. To vote for Pennsylvanians. To vote for educators. But mostly, to vote for the Kits. For all of the children within the school system or about to enter, regardless of physical and mental ability. So that they may have as strong a support system at the start of their educational journey, as many of us do well into it.

Please vote against Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

From one father to another, I sincerely thank you for your time.

Kevin Regan
(Address Redacted)


Jill-o said...

Beautifully written. It's the perfect balance of guy-to-guy language, father-to-father language, family tree / history language, policy language, and public servant / constituent language. I also love the standalone line that is essentially your "TL;DR" line.

It's perfect.

Rock rock rock!

Kevin Regan said...


Kevin Regan said...

Well, that didn't amount to much.
Alas, Pat Toomey put party above the raised voices of his constituency.
2022 comes quicker than you think, folks. Remember this. Give Toomey an education and vote him out.