Thursday, February 4, 2016

I Like Wrestling (AKA The Butch Show)

Liking Wrestling at 40 years old is supposed to be embarrassing. But it seems like the people who feel that way, are people who don't know how to have fun in the first place.
Wine tasting? Fuck tasting it, drink the goddamn thing!

Get that pinky out!

I'll be honest, I usually have NO idea what's going on in the Wrestling World and need to be caught up when I check in every 3 months or so. But it doesn't make me like it any less.

Goofy story lines. Colorful characters. And some of the least feasible "finishing moves" that you could imagine. What's not to like?

True story, the bird got his own room!

And the names, by George, the names! (That's Koko B Ware above)

I found a few Wrestling name Generators online and decide to see what my wrestling non de plume would be if I were to pull on a singlet and enter the squared circle.

Entering "Kevin Regan" into produced:

Titanic Piper
There's only 1 Piper.

My Arch Enemy, no doubt, would be Iceberg (real wrestler...of course)

I think I could take him.

Though if I entered my full name "Kevin Curry Regan" my name would change to:

Ponderous Sweet Cakes

Based on his picture, I can't help but think Iceberg would now be my tag team partner!
YUCK! I hope that's not the filling from old "Sweet Cakes"

But there are many other generators out there.

There's All The Tests where (after a short series of stupid questions) my wrestling name would be:

Fly Guy
Artist Rendering

At Zimbio I'd be: 


and my signature move is the Swagger Stabber, which sucks if you're Jack Swagger. 

Jack Swagger mid stabbing (not shown)

Of course, I accidentally backed out of this page and went back in and turned into:

White Chocolate
"I can say 'the N-word' brothers, after all I'm White Chocolate"
(probably not an actual quote)

with the signature move of The Cincinnati Shuffle (which is a step above a Cleveland Steamer) Click on the link for my entrance music.

Fantasy Name Generators just gave me a random impersonal list of 10 names without me contributing any information. They even said if I didn't like any of the them, hot refresh. 

The Viper
The Archetype
The Flea
The Viper

Can't help but notice The Viper made it on the list twice.

Blog Things hooked me up with the handle:

Prince of Darkness King of Pain. 

They even included a photo of me.

I need a mask, muscles, and a shit ton of backlighting.

Finally, none of these name generators are worth a damn without including the old First Letter/Last Letter generator. 

That way you can be certain you aren't even close to the only one walking around out there with the name Butch Show.

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