Monday, January 25, 2016

Twitter To The Rescue!

Have you ever lost your cell phone or your wallet or both and become overwhelmed with rage? HULK SMASH sort of rage?

What are you to do?

Well if you're famous, you can tweet about it, in hopes that your fan base will step up and save the day.

And that's just what smashing Hulk star Mark Ruffalo did during Winter Storm Jonas.

(I could totally write for US that still a thing? And yes, I know saying "Hulk star" is technically incorrect as Ruffalo wasn't in a "Hulk" move, but rather played the Hulk in various movies...but even with that indiscretion my future with US Weekly should be secure)

I like Ruffalo, and am glad things worked out for him. But it got me thinking, are there other celebrities who have used their fame to help their "cause"?

Let's explore:

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