Sunday, March 13, 2011

Journal or Ocular Manipulation

Keeping a journal has greatly cut into my blogging.  Maybe it wasn't a good idea in the first place.  The worst part is its not even an in depth account of the days events.  For instance:

Bosco @ CSP’s 1 Acts : Andrew (direct)  & Brian (act), saw BJ in Grotto’s parking lot Green Hornet  @ midnight

Translation:  My dear friend Anthony Bosco and I went to Chapel Street Players located in lovely Newark, DE this fine evening.  We took in some theater, such as an interesting piece directed by the powder keg known as Andrew John Mitchell and starring our mutual friend Brian Turner.  It was a well executed play and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  After which we partook in a dining experience at the local pizzeria, Grotto's.  I so enjoy their birch beer, and have become quite a fan of their pies as well.  We had a great time, solving the world's problems over some Italian American cuisine.  Afterwards we witness a young lady orally pleasuring a male acquaintance in his pickup truck.  Though we can't be certain that is exactly what was happening, she was at eye level then disappear for quite some time.  When the fellow in the drivers seat realized we were watching, he raised his hands to block out our vision.  Seeing as that's not the way the human ocular system works, we continues to keep visualization on said transaction.  We then traveled to take in a midnight viewing of The Green Hornet in two dimensions.  It was on this nice I learned that my dear friend Mr. Bosco's multiple dimensioning viewing is limited to only two.  Perhaps the gent in the pickup trunk was able to cast some voodoo visual vexation with his gyrating appendages.  Twas an interesting night on many levels.

Of course that info wouldn't have all fit on a 1' x 1' block that is my journal calendar.  Even in size 8 font.  I mean i'm sure it would if I shrank it down to a size 1 type font...but then who could possibly see that?

Sorry February.  I'll try harder in March.

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