Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Groundhog Day

Number Eight.

This is eighth blog I’ve done of 2011. That’s 3 more than ALL of 2008 & tied with ALL of 2009.

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and I am very excited. Not because I believe in the idea that a rodent seeing its shadow has any relevance towards future weather patterns. Not because it’s a great day when it’s socially acceptable to watch the Bill Murray classic over & over & over again. And not even because it puts us one step closer to pitchers & catchers reporting to Spring Training (Just 11 days!!!!)
But instead, because I came up with what I feel is quite a clever status update for Facebook/Twitter. I ran it by the wife last week. She agreed it was a good one. Or at least she didn’t tell me it wasn’t. All week I have thought about jumping the gun and putting it up early. But I felt that would be cheating.

So what’s the status update you ask? Well…check my Facebook or Twitter at midnight!

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