Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Accuracy Shmaccuracy....

George Washington was a time traveler.

George Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Abraham Lincoln invented A.I.D.S.

Harry S. Truman mailed his turds to the Kremlin.

Ronald Reagan was a movie star…oh wait…

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Three Philadelphia tour guides are challenging an ordinance that will require guides in the city to pass a history test and be licensed.

Mayor Michael Nutter signed the law in April and it goes into effect in the fall. Supporters say it will ensure that guides don't distribute misinformation in a city that is home to some of the country's most historic sites, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

But in a lawsuit filed Wednesday, three guides say the law violates their free speech rights. They say their tours are accurate and they don't want to have to ask the government's permission to earn their living.

They are backed by the Institute for Justice, a public-interest law firm.

Cities including Washington, New Orleans and Charleston, S.C., have similar laws.

How dare you infringe upon my freedom to...make it up as I go along...

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