Monday, October 1, 2007

I Hate Blogging When I'm Sick!


I am getting super pissed that MLB, TBS and anyone else involved has yet to announce the playoff schedule times. Rumor has it that the NLDS are going to be mostly afternoon games, while the Red Cox and the Spankees are 8pm games. So I have this to say to all Cox and Spankees fans everywhere…FUCK YOU!

I don’t blame the teams, but I don’t understand how it is that programming directors and advertisers pray on these markets and thumb their nose at Philly. First of all, Philly is the fattest fucking city on Earth! Wouldn’t it make more sense to advertise in a city that partakes in the products you’re looking to hawk. Who is buying a car in New York City? You can’t go anywhere…and Boston with their eternal Big Dig. Please. Again-go with Philly. Sure we have traffic, but no one actually lives in the city.

I’m just annoyed. I have tickets (through the kindly Jim burns) for Thursday, and I don’t know if I have to take off from work or not. It’s irritating. I feel like crap today and would’ve taken a half day, but again I don’t know if I’ll need to leave early on Thursday. Sucks!

Here’s a neat little story.

We are filming for our internet show the second weekend of November (I don’t work retail anymore). One of the locations is a supermarket. So George Stulak-producer at larger-was trying to secure us the site. The contact he gave me, it so turns out< knows my cousins Tim and Dan really well. I gotta admit, this was awesome! Makes me feel less stress about shooting at an actual supermarket. We are almost squared away on all of this mess. I can’t wait.

We had the annual canoe trip this weekend. Seeing as how low the water level was it should’ve been called the walk through a puddle weekend. I got a kayak because Julie wasn’t there. My arms were exhausted. I got quite lost trying to find the place (which is odd because it’s the 4th time I did it). We shoved off at 11:45 and made port again at 4pm. It was nice hanging out with Brian and Vicki…and when I say hanging out, I mean having our water crafts bottom out on the creek bed. Is it any wonder why the Whiteman beat the Indians?

I got home and tried to go to sleep, after the Phillies game (which we lost—This was pre Division Champions). Jim Brett called and woke me up…not really though because I never really fell asleep. He was telling me that Redemption, a band from our high school days were NOT getting back together at REX’s. I was bummed because we were looking forward to it all week. We went anyway because a lot of people we went to high school with were going to be there. Umm…most of them hadn’t changed a bit…like literally. Same moth holed Joy Division Tee shirts. You can’t go home again, and why would you want to?

Then Sunday came. 27 outs later the Phillies are National League East Champions. I am still in awe. I can’t wait for Wednesday. No matter how the place I will be happy…although the smile gets bigger the further they go.

I feel liek crap and may not make it until 5pm.

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Anonymous said...

If there's a Yanks/Sox ALCS, you're gonna be rushing home to see some of the NLCS games. F'n big markets.

Cardinals Fan