Friday, September 28, 2007

Film Festival 2007

So we had the Phoenixville Film Festival on Saturday last week. I am always grateful to anyone who comes out. Brian and Vicki came out and I was so distracted trying to keep anyone from ruining Joel’s surprise party that I’m sure I seemed like I was on drugs. Michael and Raj were also there. They have become a staple of the Festival. I don’t know what I’d do if they weren’t there. Actually every year I think, well they are probably too busy and sure enough in the come. Thanks guys.

This year I think the films were much better than in past years. There was even an entry from France. I surprised myself by enjoying the documentary, which are usually terrible.

I always sit in fear of how people will react to our films. Luckily I wasn’t in this one, I merely wrote and produced it. So if the audience started booing and throwing fruit at Jim, Gordon, Kerry and Joel, I’d be able to sneak out unharmed. But alas, that did not happen.

Like most of what we do, this was a slow build. People weren’t certain if it was a comedy or something serious…I mean look at Jim’s mustache for crying out loud! My favorite part of the audience’s reaction was when Joel’s character is tied to the railroad track. A woman on the other side of the theater went, “Aww,” like she felt bad for him. Mind you, the bitch didn’t care that the film opens up with Kerry ties to the tracks. The best part was none of us knew the woman. I love getting a reaction out of an audience that doesn’t know me.

The first Phoenixville Festival featured a spoof I did with John Taterelli called Law and Order SMU (it’s on the website At the end of it we have what is typically called a “PS.” After the credits have been rolling for a bit the film comes back on. You notice people in theaters stopping and standing and watching. Or they’ll just sit anywhere. Most people will stay through the credits out of respect, but not all of them. This is a way to hook them back in. So Johnny and I did it with a spoof of the Usual Suspects. SMU was the last film, so it ends and people get up to leave. Then the “PS” comes on. People stop and look at the screen, some of them just sit in random seats. One girl even told her boyfriend to sit down. I had succeeded in the PS-FU. Don’t leave my films early. Look at the people who worked on it, they surely didn’t get paid. The least you can do is see their names.

This year was a lot of fun. About 120 people in attendance, they all seemed to enjoy Damsel in Distress. Hopefully you all can too soon as well. As soon as Joel and I get it on the internet…which may be just in time for next year’s festival.

PS (ß)Get it?

PPS: I stole this picture from Jim’s blog

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