Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Play!

I should call this blog, Dear Vicki. Because I think you are the only one who reads it Vick…at least you are the only one who sends me emails yelling at me for not updating it.

Here’s some news.

I wrote a ten minute play for City Theater’s 10 minutes sex plays coming up October 13th. I submitted it 2 months ago and heard nothing back. I figured I didn’t get choosen and had accepted it and moved on.

On Saturday I was helping Gordon hang a porch swing when my cell phone rang. It wa s a number I didn’t recognize, so I let the voice mail get it. But they left no message. About 10 minutes later it rings again. This time I figure, might as well.

Gordon was sitting in the newly hung swing as I heard the long lost voice of Tom Shade, one of the founding members of CTC. The last time I spoke to Tom on a phone it ended up with me being on stage in a play. That was my first thought. Doesn’t everyone secretly want to act? (I know Nicolas Cage sure wishes he could).

Tom talked about my play a little bit and said how much he liked it. But he hadn’t yet said it was chosen. It was like he picked his words specifically to torture me. Finally he said it was one of the 6 the theater will be doing on October 13, 3007. I was ecstatic. I really had resigned myself to thinking it didn’t make it.

But now you can all come and see it…except my Mom and Dad. After all it is a “Sex Play” and I am a rather foul human being.

Seriously. Mom, Dad—don’t come!

Here’s the info if you are interested, if you are not—I hope you get the Clap:


Anonymous said...

Congrats! We would like to come see it, remind us as the time gets closer since I don't remember anything these days.

It's about time- now you can have your 6 Feet under back.

Anonymous said...

I TOLD you it was good. I'm glad it was picked!!

Seriously, though: Mom, Dad - you should really come. It's not as foul as all that. Sure, there are references to anal sex... but it's not like you actually *see* anything. ;)

Jim said...

Just because I don't comment doesn't mean I don't hang on every word.

You are my Shakespeare.