Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dude, Where's My Wings?

We had a Dude, Where’s My Car moment in Philadelphia last night. Julie, Jim, Kerry and I went into the city to a friend’s benefit. Good times were not had by all. We parked in a very nondescript area. I decided there was no reason to look for a street sign to see exactly where we parked. Hey look a Rite-AID, that’s a landmark.

We went to the benefit, where we were told about 35 minutes after ordering that the kitchen was out of wings. Odd seeing as how we ordered wings and nachos, neither of which take more then 10 minutes to prepare (the place had about 25 people including the bands-not exactly busy). When the lone nachos came it was sans guacamole…they were out of this too…must have had a run on both on Monday night. So we leave around 9:00 and start for our car.

Ferdinand Magellan did not make the trip (he went to Hooters where there are is a shortage of wings).

Everyone had a different idea where the car was parked. We walked through the Italian market talking about Rocky. I’m sure this has never occurred until last night. Julie proceeded to tell me that NBC10 (in it’s infinite wisdom) put together a list listing the best and worst Philadelphia movies. This list was put together by the employees of the station. Very scientific. It would be like Jim Gardner telling everyone the list of chick he’d like to “do.” Not exactly news (yet damn hot).

Take a look for yourself:

Now I’m not going to go over the whole list, but I am going to disagree with number 1. First of all when you think Philadelphia and movie 1 of 2 movies comes to mind. Either, “Philadelphia” with Tom Hanks, because you are an idiot and when you hear movie and Philadelphia you can only think of the movie Philadelphia, or Rocky. So it would stand to reason that Rocky would be number one. Nope. Number two. Number one, the Sixth Sense. Now, go up to anyone not from this area and ask them where Sixth Sense was filmed. They might know. Then ask them where Rocky was filmed.

Dumb NBC10.

So as I was saying, we were lost in Philly. We decided to split up, or I realized no one was walking behind me anymore. I found Jim and we decided to retrace our steps (after accidentally ending up back at the benefit). Who knew Philly was round?

Jim and I stood in the middle of a street knowing we had to go right or left. The problem was we walked around for so long that we couldn’t remember if what we were seeing was from the walk to the benefit or the unending walk after it. Finally we saw a wheel chained to a sign post. Jim had pointed it out earlier in the evening asking why it was bent. I had no answer either time…but we now knew we were close. Just then my cell phone starts ringing. It was Julie. Rather than answer my phone Jim and I start running. We wanted to find it on our own, like real men. Hey look Rite-AID.

40 minutes later we found the car.


You might think this was a waste of a night, but alas, Chocolate Jimmy was created. He’ll be around for quite a while if I have anything to say about it.

I really want wings now.